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Episode 077: Ask These 3 Questions to Uncover Your Passion

If you’ve ever wished you felt more passion in life, or even knew where to begin with finding it, this episode is for you! I share three powerful questions to help you uncover your hidden passions, plus a few practices to help you release the pressure around finding ONE true calling and have more fun experimenting along the way. Prepare to feel inspired, encouraged, and excited for your next passion-filled chapter!

Listen to the episode to discover…

✨ Where to begin if you have a hard time knowing what you’re passionate about (been there too)

✨ How your community can help you uncover what you’re naturally gifted in

✨ Permission to feel less pressure around missing your calling

✨ More joy in having a juicy life filled with many chapters

✨ Why your passions are often hiding in plain sight (and why they’re so hard to see)

Listen to the episode here:


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