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How to Get Copywriting Clients Without Posting on Social Media

Do you want a freelance job where your success is unrelated to the amount of time you spend on social media or having a massive online following? I totally get it — when I was first starting out, that was my dream, as well. So many people want a successful business, but don’t necessarily want to be sharing every moment of their life online. The good news, and something I didn’t fully realize until I embarked on a freelance copywriting career, is that with you don’t need social media to get clients. Don’t believe me? 

In my first year of running a content marketing agency, it grew to multiple six figures without relying on social media. I was busy building the business that I only posted when I felt inspired or when I could add value, but I wanted to feel really secure in my business before announcing it publicly to everyone. If you’re in a similar position where you desire to have a business, a side hustle, or another income stream, but you don’t want to be on social media all day, copywriting is a great option for you.

In this blog post, learn how to get copywriting clients without posting on social media by searching freelance websites, leveraging your network, and creating samples for companies you love.

Freelance Sites

There are many brands currently looking for writers and there is no shortage of content that needs to be written. Two popular sites that I use when seeking opportunities are Upwork and Fiverr. Brands need content in websites, blogs, social media, webinars, case studies, landing pages, sales materials, and so much more. Oftentimes, these brands will post to freelance websites looking for someone to fill a need. 

You can easily search, reach out to them, and they are happy to pay freelancers to do the job. The amazing thing about most of these sites is you can also filter by niche, by interest, and by type of company. That means if you’re a generalist, it’s great because there are unlimited brands you can pitch and connect with. If you are more of a niche writer, you can search very easily and find brands and companies in your preferred type of work. 

Remember, you don’t have to post on social media or spend years building an online following. You can literally check out these sites and in most cases, sign up and get started for free today. You don’t have to announce anything publicly if you don’t wish to just yet. 

Leverage Your Network 

Instead of posting to Instagram, try networking with your own community. If you are just starting out, you can let your own community, the people you feel safe with, know that you are offering services by sending out an email to 25 or 50 contacts. 

You can use the same template for everyone. Say something like, 

“Hey [first name],

Hope you’re doing well. I wanted to let you know that I’ve been taking on some additional work with copywriting. Let me know if you or anyone you know is interested.” 

You can even bulk that up if you have a few samples by attaching or linking your portfolio. People are genuinely excited when they see someone taking the leap and following their dreams. Again, almost every single brand on earth has an overflowing need for trained copywriting and content writers. If you are trained and have experience, you are already ahead of the game. If they don’t need help now, they probably know someone who does and they’ll keep you in mind. 

My business has been built with referrals. I get a client, do an amazing job, and then they have more and more work. People reach out to me all the time looking for copywriters. Again, networking with your community is a great way to put feelers out there with people that you are comfortable with and not having to create intimidating online posts that the whole world can see. 

You don’t have to build a massive online following, but instead send an email to your network and you’ll be amazed at how many people will come through. Sometimes they may want to start with a small sample of one type of project and if you show your value in that, they will almost certainly come back with more referrals to other brands. So don’t be afraid to leverage your network, send those emails introducing your work, and that’s going to take you a long way.

Create Samples for Companies You’d Like to Work For

If there is a brand in your hometown that you would love to write for, such as a coffee shop, a nonprofit, a company you admire, or an industry you want to break into, write them a sample post. 

For example, let’s say it’s a health company. Read their blog, see what types of things they’re writing about, what feels true to them, and show that you’ve done your research. In doing so, this is going to reflect in your ability as a writer. Write them a blog post and then send it in as you pitch yourself. 

Let them know you love their work, their company and their products, and that it is your dream to be able to work with them. Tell them you wrote this completely for free, on the house, and ask them to please keep you in mind if they have work now or in the future. Chances are that someone is going to pick up on that, especially if you do an amazing job. 

When I worked in corporate America, hiring freelance writers was part of my work. I would get cold pitch emails all the time and it would often be one line saying, 

Hey, I’m a writer and I’m looking for work. Let me know.” 

If someone took the time to write about the company, do their research, offer something for free, that would really say a lot about who they are and what they’re going to be like to work with. It shows their skills and helps create a picture of the type of work they do. 

By taking these steps, you are already ahead of all the competition. This is also a great way to start establishing relationships, especially if you feel like your other pitches aren’t working. Go above and beyond, and it will really serve you in terms of getting those first clients or breaking into industries and brands that you really want to be a part of.

Start Today

Remember that brands have so much content to write. I understand how intimidating it can be to reach out to people and put yourself out there, but it really is helping them with something they are probably drowning in day to day, not having enough time for. If you’re trained, do a good job for them, and take that off their plate, the value to these brands is unlimited. 

Whether the time for them to reach out is now or in the future, this is going to start building relationships and getting your first clients and referrals. Before you know it, you are going to be booked full with clients and be able to raise your rates. You are going to get so much experience and grow as a copywriter, content marketer, and business owner. 

By searching freelance websites, leveraging your network, and creating samples for companies you love, you are well on your way to getting your first copywriting clients, without ever posting on social media.

To learn more about building a 6-figure copywriting business (even in your first year as I was fortunate to) download this free Copywriting Starter Kit.