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Episode 076: How to Reinvent Yourself in an Unfamiliar Industry Feat. Inbal Claudio

Guest Inbal Claudio is a candle-maker turned tech-founder, proving it’s never too late to reinvent yourself in your career. Her passion for networking with women entrepreneurs led her to create Like Minded Collective, an influencer marketing platform where female visionaries can collaborate and grow. Listen to this episode to discover…

✨ Why she pivoted from a successful business to start another business from scratch

✨ How she built a community from the ground up (and how you can do so too)

✨ Her top advice to anyone wanting to start their own business but not sure where to begin

✨ Her game-changing mindset tips for tackling hurdles in life and business

✨ Where to begin when you’re completely new to an industry

✨ How to come up with entrepreneurial ideas that spark a brand-new business or revolution

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