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Episode 073: What Mindset Even Means… and How to Change Your Thoughts to Change Your Life

The term ‘mindset’ is thrown around a lot in self-development circles… but what does mindset REALLY mean, and why can’t people stop talking about it?!

Listen to this episode to discover…

✨ How your thoughts are ACTUALLY creating your reality (beyond woo-woo descriptions)

✨ How to change ingrained thoughts to create a different future

✨ Ways to identify the root of self-sabotaging behaviors and shift them forever

✨ My favorite mindset practice that can change your life in even 15 minutes per day

✨ Where to look if you keep getting the opposite results of what you desire in money, relationships, business, or life

✨ Why you are more powerful thank you ever realized and a co-creator of your life

Listen to the episode here: