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When It Worked: Guest Episode on Growing Your Business through Copywriting

I was recently a guest on the When It Worked podcast, a fascinating podcast that shares 20-minute episodes with experts describing epiphanies along the journey to success. I absolutely love this concept — instead of spending 20 years using trial and error, you can listen to these episodes to hear what stands out to people as their most important nuggets or lessons learned, so you can get results faster and avoid common pitfalls.

I was able to share why copywriting made such a difference in my business and life, enabling me to rapidly scale to 6-figures as my own boss, travel the world working from anywhere, and do fulfilling work writing for brands I love. Plus, tips to use copywriting to grow YOUR own business and strategies to do so more effectively.

Watch below or listen on the When It Worked podcast — and subscribe to catch future episodes! Thank you, Julian, for having me.

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