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Episode 067: Why Money in the Hands of Women is a Great Thing

Ask anyone about money and everyone will have a different opinion. For some, it’s a negative to be suspect of, for others it’s a positive to use as a force for good in the world, and for others it’s a neutral resource.

Where did these beliefs come from? And are they TRULY the beliefs that empower us most? In this episode, I share a few things that have been changing my mindset around money recently. Listen to the episode for a discussion around…

✨ Where our money beliefs come from and how to choose the ones that feel true for you now

✨ The ways in which every dollar can be a vote for the kind of world you want to live in

✨ Why more money in the hands of good women can do more good in the world

✨ How women have been conditioned to say silent about this topic and whether that’s the right framework going forward

✨ Why there is more opportunity for this generation with money than in the history of the world (and how to operate with that)

Listen to the episode here: