(even without copywriting experience or posting on social media to get clients!) 

5 Steps to Earn $100/Hour Writing Content for Businesses

Build a content-writing business in 8 weeks with the only program that teaches you all-in-one 1) how to write for businesses, 2) multiple ways to book clients without relying on social media, 3) how to position yourself to earn premium rates like $50 to $100 hour (that's over 6-figures per year!) and 4) gives you personalized mentorship and support.

Create full-time freedom with a content-writing biz

Introducing Bright Life Biz


“I don’t know of many other programs in any other kind of industry or business where you’re going through training and you’re already starting to generate income and return on investment that quickly, and I witnessed it firsthand.” - LAUREN

"You're going through training and you’re already starting to generate income..."

“It’s all laid out so you don’t even have to think about it if you follow the steps. I truly think anyone can get clients doing that with content writing.” - LEANNE

"It's all laid out so you don't even have to think about it."

“Now that I have my children, I wanted to stay home a little bit more, and just have a more flexible life. My husband is a business man and he travels a lot, and so we want to get more into a traveling life. I needed something that could move with me… So I said let me take her course and see what it's about. And it was fantastic.” - JEANNELLE

"I needed something that could move with me."

“I wish I’d had this before when I was wanting to create a wellness coaching business. Learning how to write things in a way that quickly delivers your point, and catches the reader’s attention, also while keeping up with what online content is doing, would’ve been so helpful to me, and I think is helpful to others who are starting an online business.” - SARAH

"Helpful to others who are starting an online business."

“While I am a very thoroughly trained writer... I still wanted to learn more about writing when it comes to actually marketing. I was like, ‘Even if I don’t have my first client yet, I need to get on top of it.’ And here I am, I’ve had multiple clients now. It’s exciting and it feels good that I’ve done this continuing education.” - STEPHANIE

"I've had multiple clients now."

“First tip, you need to take Jessica’s course. I think that it's just so complete. It really makes everything so digestible. It makes everything so easy... And also, at least for me, the mentoring side has helped me a lot because, if it’s something completely new, you need someone to coach you, to lead you, to lead the way instead of just trying to figure out things.” - MARIA


"It makes everything so easy... the mentoring side helped me a lot."