How to Position Yourself to Earn Higher Freelance Copywriting Rates

Did you know that you can earn $50 to $100/hour as a copywriter? (And that’s before you consider scaling a team, packaging your services, or specializing in a lucrative niche, which could land you closer to $250/hour!) In this article, learn three things that can help you earn higher freelance copywriting rates so you can make more for every hour spent working—while delivering massive value to your clients and feeling lit up doing work that fulfills you and helps businesses thrive.

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3 Tips for Higher Freelance Copywriting Rates

The truth is, most businesses are willing to pay higher rates if you can show them you’re worth it. It actually *saves* them money and time to hire *one* skilled copywriter, versus hiring multiple positions (editor, content strategist, copywriter, etc.) to get the job done.

Here are three ways to position yourself to earn higher rates as a freelance copywriter.

Create a Polished Portfolio

A portfolio pulls all of your work samples into one polished, easy-to-scan document. It immediately shows businesses what it would be like to work with you, instead of having them rely on a long list of past jobs on a resume. When pitching, a portfolio helps capture a company’s attention, so instead of looking like one writer out of many, you instantly connect your face and capabilities.

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Learn Not Just Writing but Content Strategy

While there are many writers, there are fewer who also understand content marketing strategies like search engine optimization and the buyer’s journey. By learning these additional strategies, you not only become a more confident writer (knowing what you’re doing and why) but you can advise your clients, justify higher rates, and earn more income.

In Bright Life Biz, you learn everything you need to know about these content marketing strategies in simple, easy-to-understand language, so you can infuse them into your copywriting and show clients your added value!

Know How to Sell Yourself in a Pitch

I’ve been on both sides—hiring freelance copywriters in corporate America AND being hired by brands as a freelance copywriter. So I can tell you confidently that a solid pitch is essential. You have a few seconds to capture an employer’s attention. Show that you understand what they’re looking for, have experience in it, and can alleviate their pain point. Be extra mindful of spelling and grammar errors as clients will be using to pitch to assess how you would write for THEM as a client.

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