I've always dreamt of being an author, and this year, my dream is coming to life! In my first book, be taken on a journey through the creation process: how to get clear on what you want, overcome any fears holding you back, and bring your dreams to life.

Each chapter details one part of the creation process—from dreaming a new dream, to deciding what you want, being able to receive your dream, and more.

If you've ever struggled to find your passion or purpose—or felt the call to pivot to a new one—this book will give you a ton of clarity, permission, inspiration, and encouragement around what your brightest life looks like and how to create it.

Your Bright Life

my first book: coming soon!

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I've been sharing the entire journey on Instagram, from coming up with the idea after years of dreaming of being an author... to actually writing a book. Follow along to see the behind-the-scenes!

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