How to Find Your Passion (and Release the Pressure Around It)

Have you ever wished that you were clearer about your passion or calling in life? You’re going to love this episode! I share three nuggets of advice that have helped me release the pressure around finding that one true calling, ironically find my passion faster, and create a life of memories and adventures along the way.

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How to Find Your Passion

1. Release the Idea That There Is ONE Passion or Path

Something that used to trip me up when I was younger was feeling like there was ONE passion and my life’s mission was to discover it. I felt so jealous of people who automatically knew they wanted to be doctors or lawyers or artists. I wasn’t afraid of hard work and would’ve happily thrown myself into my life’s calling… if I knew what it was!

I no longer believe that we have ONLY one passion in life. Rather, I see my life as filled with many passions. I am passionate about wellness. I am passionate about travel. I am passionate about writing and self-development and my marriage.

Freeing myself to have a life full of many chapters, where I explore different passions — some that turn into second and third chapters and some that expire after a brief debut — makes me feel inspired, creative, and free. I feel less pressure for things to work out perfectly (whatever PERFECT means) because they can merely be a chapter of my journey.  I look back on all of my chapters with such love and delight — the chapter I lived in New York City in my twenties, the chapter I started a wellness business, the chapter I didn’t know WHAT the heck I was doing and felt way more lost than I really was. They’re all part of the story, and I’m grateful for all of them.

If you released the idea that you needed to find one perfect passion or path, what hunches would you chase? What projects would you work on for fun? What classes would you take? 

That leads me to…

2. Chase Your Curiosities

Another way to release the pressure around finding your passion is to simply chase whatever sounds fun to you. Make a list of all the things you would be curious about, even if nothing comes of them. Would you book a ticket to Paris? Take an art class? Try aerial yoga? Start a business? Learn to cook? Speak another language? 

Then take beginning steps to do those things. Meaning, sign up for an art class. Invite a savvy business friend out to coffee to hear their advice. Get a language app and practice a little bit every day. You never know where your curiosities will lead you. At worst, they’re a good story, and at best, they could unlock a whole new life. I’ve experienced both. 

Once, I took a Bikram yoga class during a New York City heatwave. I am already sensitive to heat, so the combination of the humid class and the humid city left me blacking out in the middle of the yoga class, so much so that the teacher had to stop everyone mid-class and pour a sugar packet into a water bottle for me. I wouldn’t consider that a great experience, but it IS a great story that I look back and and laugh about today. 

On the other hand, I once started taking nutrition classes during my evenings and weekends while I worked a full-time job in marketing. I had always been interested in wellness and wanted to learn more about how to feed myself healthfully. I had NO idea that those classes would unlock such a passion that they would inspire me to leave my corporate career to start my first business in wellness coaching.

That’s the thing about chasing your curiosities. Had I overthought each of those experiences, I likely wouldn’t have experienced either of them, nor the memories and life they led to. But because I was willing to chase my inklings — to be a beginner again and simply try something new — my life was forever changed for the better.

3. Consider What You Do in Your Free Time

Lastly, consider what you do in your free time. Not even necessarily as an activity, but even what you browse online. What do you read about? Talk about? Dream about? What do you save money for or spend it on? What do you have an uncanny memory about? Is there anything your friends always ask you to help them with?

You can also think back to when you were younger. What felt like play to you? The older you get, the more your passions may be muddied by what people reward you for, what sounds like a smart career move, or what others praise. But what did you love before you learned the rules of society? Those can be great clues into what you may still love, not from a place of what sounds good to others, but what feels good to your soul.

As you reconnect to your passions, remember that nothing is out of order. I used to feel like I was behind, or wish that I had discovered certain passions sooner. But the older I’ve gotten, the more I’ve realized that EVERY chapter serves the next one. I am grateful for careers I’ve had, even if they weren’t right forever, because they taught me skills that made growing a business infinitely easier. I am grateful for blogs I’ve run, even if only a few people ever read them, because they taught me how to find my voice.

Whatever you’ve done up until this point will serve your next chapter. So take heart, PLAY again, chase those curiosities, and release the pressure about needing to know where the road ahead lies. When you follow your heart, you can trust you’ll have a fun time, a fun memory, or a whole new life to look forward to.

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