After a decade in corporate America leading content strategy for global brands, hiring writers, building blogs and contributing to publications like HuffPost, I became a freelance writer.

Once I booked full, I hired a team and founded my own content marketing agency, Buzzworthy Content. I loved mentoring my team of writers and helping them find freedom through their own freelance careers. I wanted to help more women. But I couldn't find anything online that taught how to write AND how to book clients/build a biz... So I created it. 💛

Through this 8-week online program, I teach women how to build profitable copywriting businesses as their own boss. Week by week, students learn how to write, build a biz, and book clients, so they can create the freedom and finances to live their brightest lives.

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Watch to uncover 5 steps to earn $100/hour writing for businesses online (even without copywriting experience or posting on social media to get clients).

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If you're ready for more freedom, fulfillment, and financial income, check out Bright Life Biz, where you'll learn how to build a copywriting biz in 8 weeks. Get instant access to start today!

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