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3 Secrets to a Portfolio That Books You Solid

One of my goals in Content Business Blueprint is to teach women how to charge premium rates so they make more money for every hour spent working. In order to charge higher rates, you need work samples that position you as the best.

Here are 3 tips to create a portfolio that earns you higher rates!

1. Include a variety of work samples.

Aim to include a mix of formats—blog posts, social media, emails, and more. This shows that you are versed in all kinds of copywriting. It also gives employers more ideas about all the things you can help them with—and more projects means a higher income! That’s why, in the online program Content Business Blueprint, you learn to write all of these types of content, receive templates for each of them, and build a portfolio week-by-week!

2. Highlight results.

When possible, add a paragraph next to your samples describing not just what YOU created—but what RESULTS your content created. For example, did your blog post generate 5,000 pageviews? Did your social media post receive 100 comments? Were you intentional about what kind of call-to-action you featured? The more you show how your work directly grows a company, the more companies will understand your value and pay you accordingly.

3. Give a little love to design.

I know, I know—if you’re a copywriter, why should design matter? The truth is, even if your copy speaks for itself, the way your portfolio is formatted can influence whether companies perceive your work as high-quality. You can use a portfolio website to take care of some of the heavy lifting, or if your portfolio is in PDF form, apply design principles like whitespace and consistency in fonts, sizing, and colors. Make sure to give it a good edit before finalizing! In Content Business Blueprint, I share a portfolio template that saves you a ton of time formatting AND makes your work samples SHINE.

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