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How to Position Yourself to Charge Premium Rates as a Copywriter?

Did you know that you can charge $50, $75, or even $100/hour as a copywriter?! Companies are VERY willing to pay higher rates as long as you can show them you’re worth it. It actually SAVES them money (and time) to hire ONE skilled copywriter, versus hiring multiple positions (editor, content strategist, copywriter, etc.) to get the job done. In Content Business Blueprint, you learn how to write, how to understand the strategy piece that makes you worth more, AND how to demonstrate your value.

Here are three ways to position yourself to charge premium rates as a copywriter.

1. Create a polished portfolio.

A portfolio pulls all of your work samples into one polished, easy-to-scan document. It shows you are a professional, and it also shows that you have a wealth of expertise. That you haven’t just written one or two blog posts, but several. That you don’t just apply to jobs randomly, but thoughtfully. That you know your worth and take your biz seriously. (No portfolio? No problem. In Content Business Blueprint, we help you build one step-by-step each week AND show you how to get it in front of your dream clients.)

2. Demonstrate that you know not just writing but strategy.

The reason so many copywriters charge so little is because there are a million copywriters out there—the supply is high. But among those copywriters, there are very few who also understand content strategies like SEO, the buyer’s journey, and buyer personas. In Content Business Blueprint, you learn everything you need to know about these strategies in simple, easy-to-understand ways so you can infuse them into your copywriting and show clients how much more value you add for them.

3. Know how to sell yourself in your pitch.

I’ve been on both sides—hiring freelance copywriters in corporate America AND being hired by brands as a freelance copywriter. So I can tell you confidently that a solid pitch is essential. You have a few seconds to capture an employer’s attention. Show that you understand what they’re looking for, have experience in it, and can alleviate their pain point. Be extra mindful of spelling and grammar errors! In Content Business Blueprint, you receive templates for pitches that capture reader attention, demonstrate your expertise, and position you to charge premium rates for your services.

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