How to Stop Feeling Overwhelmed: 4 Tips for Relief Today

Ever feel like you don’t know where to begin OR like you have the best of intentions but get stumped on the execution?!⁠

Listen to this episode to stop feeling overwhelmed when you have too much to do, feel like it’s hard to get started, or find yourself procrastinating. These four simple strategies are perfect for when you don’t know where to begin or find yourself struggling to take action.

If you find yourself staring down your to-do list, willing one massive item to budge, or feeling overwhelmed by dozens of small tasks, keep reading. Below are four ways to bust overwhelm so you can make forward progress on your goals with a lot less struggle and a lot more ease.

4 Ways to Stop Feeling Overwhelmed

Do One Small Thing Today to Move Forward

As women, we’ve never been busier. We have careers, families, side hustles, friendships, manicures, pedicures, exercise classes, play dates… it’s a LOT. So instead of trying to make headway on ALL the things while feeling like you’re stuck in quicksand, choose ONE thing to do today to move yourself forward.

For your career, it could be sending an important pitch or applying for a new position. For your health, it could be a 20-minute walk in fresh air or a glass of water in place of a second coffee. For your relationship, it could be texting a sweet compliment to your spouse or booking a restaurant for date night. ALL of those things add up.

Think about it like the 1% concept with airplanes. If a pilot adjusts course by even 1% in the air, no one on the plane would know the difference. But over a few hours, the flight would land in a completely different city. Tackling ONE thing may not feel like a lot, but it is enough to fall asleep at night knowing you moved your business, health, or relationship forward.

Choose One Thing That Will Fix Most Other Things

A mentor once posed this question for me and I thought it was genius. Instead of trying to fix five things… What is ONE thing that you can do that would help the other things?

For example, if you’re swamped in business, maybe you could hire an assistant. Because then, instead of you posting on social media, responding to emails, engaging with your audience, managing accounting, and doing a million things that a business requires, you now have support to offload five or six of those smaller things. You free up all that time,  energy, and mental space, just from focusing on ONE thing.

Consider Whether Fear Is Driving Procrastination

Procrastination is often fear in a disguise. Maybe you have something on your to-do list that is not technically hard to complete, like sending an email, posting on social media, or writing a blog post. If you find yourself stalling, ask yourself… “What am I really afraid of here?”

Journal to uncover what’s behind the hesitation. Is it that you’re afraid of people seeing your work, that you worry people will leave mean comments, or that you don’t feel qualified on some deeper level? Fear is sneaky and often presents itself as procrastination.

See what’s behind the fear, rework it, then watch the procrastination fade.

Do the Most Important Thing First Each Morning

One final way to stop overwhelm is to do the most important thing before anything else in your day. If you spend all day focusing on small tasks, you’ll burn out your energy for the biggest, most resource-intensive task. Watch how much faster you get through the most important thing when you do it first, then breeze through your afternoon tying up loose ends.

If you’re feeling overwhelmed, try these tricks to reduce overwhelm. Choose just ONE thing you can do today to move forward, consider what ONE thing you could do that would fix most other things, think through whether fear might really be behind procrastination, or do the most important thing first. Try whichever one speaks to you, and let me know if it helps!

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