On Self-Love: There Is Still So Much of Yourself to Know and Love

Who is this woman that you spend 24 hours per day with… and what else is there to uncover, know, and love about her? Today’s podcast episode on self-love challenges you to consider that there is still so much to learn about yourself. Thoughts you never noticed, capabilities you never realized, and a heart and soul that you’re barely scratching the surface of.

Keep reading for ideas to connect with the parts of yourself that you may have never realized were there… and feel more self-love, compassion, and curiosity about who you are and what you’re really capable of.

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A Journey of Self-Love and Self-Discovery

I first came across this idea during a meditation retreat. I had never been on a meditation retreat before, nor really meditated for long periods of time. But during this experience, which at many points was definitely out of my comfort zone, I realized: “There is really so much more inside this woman that I had never met before, isn’t there?”

And I bet you would find the same for yourself.

I’ve often made a habit of trying new things, from Dry January to 75 Hard, to activities like rock climbing, kayaking, paddle boarding, and even bungee jumping. These experiences always opened my eyes to a woman that I didn’t know existed within me. After a few of them, I realized: “Maybe there’s something to this.”

During these challenges, I almost always discovered new habits or subconscious patterns that I had been living by for years. I recognized my default comfort techniques. I witnessed where I crumbled, and I sometimes surprised myself by pushing through. As funny as it sounds, I fell in love with this version of myself that I didn’t even know was there all along, capable of feeling the fear and finding her way.

Below are my best tips for how you can do the same.

New Experiences Lead to New Parts of Yourself

Maybe you relate to the feeling of being stuck in a day-to-day routine, sometimes feeling like you’ve reached your potential. Pack it up; there’s nothing new to see here! But the truth is, we ALL go through creative ruts or find ourselves in a stagnant phase from time to time. It’s ok to be in a season of rest and integration, and it’s ok if you find yourself in a place of wanting more again.

If you’re in a season where you’re questioning what else is out there for you, or if there’s a level of yourself that haven’t tapped into yet, the best way to begin is take on a new experience. It could be a course you’ve been considering, an art class that intrigues you, a thrilling adventure like skydiving, or even therapy.

When you do something new, you’ll see these hidden parts of yourself emerge. Our daily routines keep us trapped in the same thoughts, emotions, and behaviors. Breaking that pattern and doing something new introduces you to new thoughts, feelings, and realizations you’ve never had before. Each experience opens up a new view inside yourself that was always there, waiting to be uncovered.

I hope this shows you in a new light: there’s always more to get to know about you. Just as you see others as unique and multi-faceted, embrace this ongoing process of growth and self-discovery for yourself.

You are the only one of you in the world, and you are the only person you will spend every moment with this lifetime. Cherish the moments of reflection, journaling, and therapy that reveal new insights, feelings, and even self-love. Embrace the challenges, the triumphs, and the surprises. Show yourself the same interest and care that you so readily offer to others. You just might find yourself to be as beautiful, unique, and worthy as you do your friends, family, or even strangers. Get to know yourself as such.

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