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Episode 080: How to Navigate Your Next Big Uplevel Feat. Starre Tearney

Coming up against the next level in your life or business can bring up all kinds of emotions, from pride and excitement to self-sabotage and grief. Guest Starre Tearney is a master at helping women navigate their businesses from a place of alignment, and she is here to help you prepare for and navigate your next big uplevel with ease.

Listen to this episode to learn…

✨ What an uplevel looks like and what commonly comes up before or during an uplevel

✨ Why sadness can appear before an uplevel and how to navigate this sense of loss

✨ Why people often hit the same issues at each level and how to resolve your patterns

✨ Ways in which people self-sabotage their uplevel and how to prevent this

✨ How to know your ready for your next evolution and invite it in

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