Productivity Tips for Working Remotely or as a Digital Nomad

If you have (or desire) a career where you can work from anywhere, in this video I break down my favorite productivity tips for working remotely.

I share what I’ve learned from spending years as a digital nomad across cities like Barcelona, Paris, London, Buenos Aires, and more! (AND doing so while having to remain highly productive and efficient, scaling a copywriting business to multiple 6-figures.)

These hacks will help you make the most of your business AND your time in incredible places around the world.

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3 Top Productivity Tips for Working Remotely

1. Stick to a Consistent Work Schedule

Working remotely can feel incredibly freeing, but as counter-intuitive as it may seem, I’ve found that it actually helps to maintain a work routine to make the most of your newfound freedom. While it doesn’t have to be the traditional 9 to 5, establishing a regular routine helps create structure in your days.

My work schedule typically revolves around Monday to Friday, where I dedicate my daytime to writing, client interactions, and other work-related tasks. This consistency allows me to fully immerse myself in exploring my surroundings during evenings and weekends without feeling guilty (or stressing) about unfinished work.

So, determine your best working hours, whether it’s early mornings, afternoons, or evenings, and build your daily routine around them.

2. Plan Adventures During Off-Days

Being on the road presents ample opportunities to explore new cultures, sights, and experiences. Make the most of your time by planning activities during your off-days, evenings, and weekends.

For instance, when I worked in Barcelona, my husband and I made it a point to visit top-rated restaurants, book Airbnb experiences, and explore the city’s attractions during evenings and weekends. This approach allowed us to enjoy our time in the city to the fullest while still getting work done during the day.

Taking a true day off every once in a while can also rejuvenate your mind and body, ensuring you return to work with fresh perspective and creativity. We’ve taken days off to visit the Swiss Alps, relax at a beach club in Croatia, and take a cooking class in Italy. However, we’ve always been clear that those days off during the week are special, which has helped us keep separation between work time and vacation time.

3. Create a Daily To-Do List & Play to Your Energy

I like to start each day by creating a to-do list. I also tackle the most challenging tasks FIRST, which gives a sense of accomplishment and makes the rest of the day easier.

Another trick that I use is if I can get through my to-do list faster, then I can use the rest of the time for sight-seeing or an afternoon espresso break. This encourages me to work efficiently but still get through everything I desire when I start my workday.

Also, embrace your natural energy rhythms. If you’re a morning person, focus on demanding tasks early in the day, and if you’re more productive in the afternoons, adjust your schedule accordingly. Understanding and respecting your energy levels can significantly impact your efficiency and overall satisfaction with your work!

Working remotely can truly be a life-changing experience, combining your passion for travel with your professional pursuits. Embrace these tips, and you’ll find that you really can strike a perfect balance between work and adventure, wherever you are in the world.

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