Remembering the Power of CHOICE

When the going gets tough, read this article to understand the power of choice—empowering yourself to keep going (or to choose again) with intention. Whether you’re in the midst of a health journey, starting a business, or pushing your limits in any other area, remember one thing: your power of choice puts you in control.

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Putting You Back in Control: The Power of Choice

Let’s start with this game-changing concept: every challenge you face is a choice you make. Instead of feeling like life is pushing you around, own the fact that you’re stepping into this challenge by choice. You want what’s on the other side of it. You’re here for a reason. You can give up any time, but you’re here because you believe it’s worthwhile and you know you can do this. Consider these questions…

Who Are You Becoming Through This Experience?

Challenges hold treasures beyond the initial struggle. Every time you venture into the unknown, you’re unveiling hidden parts of yourself. It’s in those moments of discomfort that your true strengths shine through. Remember, it’s okay to feel stretched—it’s a sign you’re reaching up.

What’s Moving You Forward?

Here’s a question to consider: Is this challenge moving you forward, holding you in place, or pushing you backward? If going through the challenge is moving you forward to the life you want to live, then it becomes more meaningful to push through. You know what staying the same or moving backward offers. Keep focused on what’s ahead and know that there is a day you’ll be through the challenge and at your goal.

Would Would Future You Want?

Imagine this: you’re looking back on your life 80 years from now. What choices would make you beam with pride? This perspective from your future self can guide you in making decisions that align with your long-term dreams. Tap into your intuition to remember what’s truly right for you and your life path.

Is This a Stepping Stone to Something Greater?

When challenges arise, your mindset becomes your trusty sidekick. You have power of choice to see challenges as obstacles or as STEPPING STONES to your growth. When things get tough, remind yourself that your mindset can be the switch that turns challenges into opportunities.

As you navigate your journey, remember this: you hold the pen to your story. Challenges are not roadblocks but invitations to embrace your potential. Whether it’s a wellness journey, a daring venture, or a personal goal, facing challenges with intention and choice can set you on a path of transformation and empowerment intentionally chosen by YOU.

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