Invitation to Rise to the Challenge You’re Facing

If you have a situation that’s kicking your booty, welcome to the club. 😊 I heard a few quotes recently that transformed how I thought of the situation in my own life (and the experience in general) so I want to share them with you to help you rise to the challenge in your own life.

To dive deeper and hear it in conversation form, listen to Episode 105 of the Bright Life Podcast: Invitation to Rise to the Situation Challenging You to:

✨ See your challenge with fresh eyes

✨ Decide who you want to be in the situation

✨ Find encouragement to keep at it or find peace in letting it go

See Your Situation With Fresh Eyes

Imagine having the power to see your challenges with fresh eyes, almost like a puzzle to solve rather than an immovable obstacle. I was recently listening to the audiobook A Happy Pocket Full of Money while working out, and had to pause mid-burpee to jot this quote down:

“The next time a situation comes up, see it as the illusion it is, decide the experience you will have of it, then recreate yourself anew so the experience of it changes to your liking.”

So good, right? By seeing whatever situation you’re facing as an opportunity in which you have the power to become whoever you want through the experience—and therefore shift the experience altogether—you can feel show up empowered and ready to rise to the occasion. 👊

Find the Mindset You Need to Succeed

I once heard comedian Kevin Hart liken life to a video game, where he realized that each level requires different skills and habits to conquer. Whenever he gets to a new level, he gives himself a second to survey the situation and figure out which new mindset, habits, boundaries, or skills he will need to succeed.

I like thinking of it this way because it makes YOU feel like the master of your own challenges. It’s not about minimizing that there are real, incredibly painful situations in the world, but rather finding the space where you can feel empowered knowing that you are strong enough to face them and rise above.

Changing Your Situation By Changing Perspective

Similarly, another quote I love by Dr. Wayne Dyer says:

“When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.”

By deciding the experience you wish to have in any given situation, you gain the power to alter your outlook, emotions, and results. Transform overwhelm into excitement, challenges into opportunities, and scarcity into abundance. Then watch the world around you shift with you.

Life’s challenges may test our strength, but they also offer opportunities for growth, learning, and transformation. I hope these quotes help you to shift your perspective as much as they have helped me.

Remember that you have the power to decide who you want to be in the face of adversity and use it as a stepping stone towards. You are capable. You are worthy. And you are stronger than you ever imagined. 💛

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