Self-Care Practices for When the World Feels Like a Lot

We’re living in unprecedented times, and though you’re doing better than you think you are (you’re reading a personal development blog in your free time, for goodness sake!) 🥰 it’s OK if there are times when it all feels like too much and you need some extra self-care practices to help. This blog post is for those times. ❤️

When the world feels heavy on your shoulders, try these self-care practices to soothe your nerves.

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Self-Care Practices for Heavy Times

Say: I’m doing the best I can.

You can’t do it ALL, but you can do your best. And remember that your best changes from day to day. Some days, your best may mean simply feeding yourself leftover pizza and keeping yourself alive to try again tomorrow. That’s OK. Whenever I feel like I’m really struggling, messing up, or lacking the energy I usually have, I mentally repeat to myself:

“I’m doing the best I can.”

Something about this line makes me feel like it’s enough. Inhale, exhale. I’m doing the best I can. Even if it’s not my optimum best. I’m here. I’m surviving. I’m learning. I’m doing the best I can.

And so are you. And that’s enough.

Ask: What would feel soothing to me?

The next thing you can do is consider what would feel most nourishing to you. Even if most mornings you are a booty-kicking, coffee-drinking, workout-finishing boss, it’s ok if today is NOT that morning. Maybe today, you simply get whatever beverage would give you a little delight at the coffee shop. You can go back to your black coffee tomorrow, but today, if whipped cream and sprinkles would bring you joy, enjoy every minute of it.

Other ideas could be going gentler in your workout, like going for a walk instead of a HIIT routine. Cuddling under your blankets and watching a romantic comedy. Playing sad songs so you can let out a good cry in the shower. Rebooking your social plans and staying in instead. Calling a girlfriend who uplifts you. Even raging around your apartment until you have no more f*cks left to give.

Do: Bring yourself back into the now.

When the future feels overwhelming, bring yourself into the now. 

One of my favorite ways to do this is by listening for my heartbeat. It takes getting REALLY still to feel your heartbeat without actively touching your pulse. You have to drown out the outside noise and go inside. But, it’s also super effective for bringing your attention into the moment and into your own body.

Another strategy I like is box breathing. You breathe in for four beats, hold for four beats, and breathe out for four beats. Rumor has it that marines use this technique to calm their nerves before going into intense situations. I’ve used it in much less intense scenarios, but it still helps bring me back to the now and calm me down.

I hope you know that it’s ok to feel overwhelmed.

I hope you know that’s a sign of your big heart.

I hope you know that we only have one of you, and she is so special.

I hope you know that it’s ok to take care of her.

I hope that these practices bring you back to her when the world is too much. 

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