Should You Niche as a Copywriter?

If you’re considering starting an online business like copywriting, you may be wondering if you should niche as a copywriter or start as a generalist. Which one leads to more clients, more revenue, and quicker success? The truth is, there are pros and cons to both paths. Let’s break them down so you are crystal clear in your decision to niche as a copywriter (or not).

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Niching as a Copywriter: Pros & Cons

First things first, let’s consider the positives of niching as a copywriter.

Embracing a specific niche in copywriting or content marketing can establish you as a sought-after expert in that field. If you’re already passionate about a particular topic or industry like home renovation, marketing, tech, science, health, or any other area of interest, specializing can allow you to get paid for writing about what you love or have extensive experience in.

Pros of Specializing as a Copywriter

Here are a few other positives of choosing a niche as a copywriter.

  1. Starting Advantage: Having a background in a specific industry provides you with a solid foundation to connect with relevant brands and sets you apart from other writers competing for similar jobs.
  2. Stronger Portfolio: Writing consistently within a niche enables you to amass a collection of samples that you can showcase to other brands in that industry, building a robust body of work and establishing yourself in the market.
  3. Premium Rates: Becoming the go-to expert in a particular industry allows you to command premium rates for your services, as your expertise and experience make you stand out in the crowd.
  4. Natural Transition: If you’re transitioning from another career into copywriting, your prior experience in fields like human resources, marketing, tech, finance, or any other domain can serve as a great starting point to secure your initial clients.
  5. Capitalize on Existing Knowledge: While you may not have writing expertise right from the start, the skills can be learned, especially with resources like my online copywriter course. Having industry-specific knowledge and information sets you apart, even from more experienced writers.

Ultimately, niching as a copywriter can be an excellent way to carve out your place in a specific industry and start building a solid portfolio in one area of expertise.

Cons of Specializing as a Copywriter

Of course, there are some downsides to choosing a niche as a copywriter or content marketer.

  1. Selective Opportunities: Initially, it might be slightly challenging since you won’t be open to every opportunity available (outside of your niche). However, as you establish yourself in your niche and receive referrals, your client list will fill up, reducing the need for extensive outreach. People may actually start to view you as THE expert, which will make client acquisition easier long-term.
  2. Passion Doesn’t Always Translate: While you may love a certain industry, writing about it exclusively all day long could potentially lead to burnout or diminished enjoyment. In such cases, incorporating side projects that stimulate your creativity in different ways can help maintain your passion for the field, while being able to write about it as well.

Generalizing as a Copywriter: Pros & Cons

With my own journey in copywriting, I began as a generalist. I was open to various projects and brands, and this proved beneficial as it allowed me to gain experience rapidly. This exposure to different projects and clients eventually led to referrals, more work, and more hours spent honing my craft. That said, here are a few positives to generalizing as a copywriter.

Pros of Generalizing as a Copywriter

  1. Gain Rapid Experience: Embracing diverse projects and clients allowed me to gain experience quickly, build my business, and develop my writing skills without having to wait for the perfect niche opportunity.
  2. Identify Personal Preferences: Working with different clients and industries helped me discover what I liked and disliked, enabling me to narrow down areas of interest and establish more fulfilling client relationships.
  3. Freedom as a Writer: Engaging with larger companies may not always align with my ultimate passion, but it provided me with opportunities to work on bigger projects with more autonomy, allowing me to own my abilities and schedule.

Cons of Generalizing as a Copywriter

  1. Not a Fit for Everyone: As a generalist, you might find that you don’t mesh well with every client or project. Working with smaller clients, for instance, can lead to intense hours and various demands.
  2. Trial and Error: Experimenting with different industries and clients may be necessary to figure out what suits you best, as preferences can vary greatly among writers.

Choosing the Best Path for Your Copywriting Business

I hope this offers you ways to think about whether to niche or generalize as a copywriter. All in all, there’s no inherently superior choice. If you already have a clear vision of your desired industry, pursue it wholeheartedly. On the other hand, if you’re uncertain, that’s perfectly okay—exploring different opportunities will allow you to refine your preferences over time while getting a ton of experience in the meantime.

By weighing the pros and cons of niching versus generalizing, you’ll be able to make an informed decision as you embark on your career as a copywriter. My advice is to follow your instincts and choose the path that resonates most with you! Regardless of your choice, you’ll be able to build a fulfilling, profitable, and sustainable copywriting business as your own boss.

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