What Is Brand Voice and How Do You Write for It?

If you’re considering a career in freelance writing, or are just starting out in the world of content writing, you may be wondering, “What is brand voice?” Understanding the concept of brand voice is essential to your success, but it’s probably easier than you think. You likely already adapt your voice slightly between friends vs. parents vs. teachers, and writing is similar. Let’s delve into this topic and break it down in simple terms!

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What is Brand Voice in Writing?

In the realm of content writing, ‘voice’ refers to the personality and style of your writing, much like each person has their unique way of expressing themselves. Similar to how you adapt your tone when talking to different individuals, writing for various businesses requires you to adjust your language and approach to match their distinctive vibe.

Brand Voice Examples

Think about a few brands you use often and what their tone could be.

For example, a bank may have a voice that’s professional and informative. They don’t use overly friendly, flowery language, because they are trying to come across as a credible authority. Whereas, a hipster coffee shop may use conversational, casual language. They are trying to resonate with a different audience, so language that is stuffy or overly formal would feel odd.

Similarly, when writing for a playful and friendly brand like Trader Joe’s, your language would be bright and creative, mirroring their homemade signboards. Conversely, writing for a high-end brand like Chanel would demand a more polished and luxurious tone, exuding elegance.

To become a pro at writing for brand voice, follow these steps…

Writing for Brand Voice: Tips to Get Started

Be a Voice Detective

Analyze content from various companies, such as emails, ads, or social media posts, and ask yourself what words best describe each brand’s personality. This exercise will help you become more adept at recognizing distinct brand voices.

Experiment & Refine

Take a simple sentence and experiment with writing it in different ways, tailored to different business personalities. For instance, a formal bank might receive a “Welcome to our world-class institution,” while a tech-savvy company would appreciate a more casual, “Hey there, so glad to have you here! We offer the latest cutting-edge support!”

Learn from Established Brands

Study your favorite brands online; many of them publicly define their voice in just a few words. For example, Mailchimp defines their brand voice as human, familiar, funny, and straightforward.

Observing brands they communicate with their audience will spark ideas for how to craft a strong voice when writing for other businesses or your own brand.

Improve Over Time

Remember, honing your writing voice is a gradual process, not an overnight accomplishment. You don’t have to magically become a pro at writing for various brand voices; it’s a skill that will develop over time. Embrace each opportunity to work with different clients, as it will naturally enhance your ability to adapt your writing style to suit their distinct personalities.

Becoming a freelance writer (a.k.a. copywriter / content writer) is a wonderful career choice that opens up the opportunity for more freedom and fulfillment as your own boss. Now that you have an idea for how to write for brand voice, below are some additional resources to support you and show you how to start your copywriting business or grow it from here.

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