Get Clear on What You Want, Overcome Self-Doubt, and Bring Your Dreams to Life


If ever been unsure what your passion, purpose, or next move looks like, use this book to get crystal clear on the biggest, brightest vision for your life and how to make it a reality. Find a ton of permission around making a change, learn how to overcome fears and limiting self-talk, and feel inspired, encouraged, and re-energized to create a life you love.

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Welcome to this newest, brightest dream of mine: to become an author writing to YOU! đź’›

In Your Bright Life, we're diving into the creation process of creating your brightest life, with chapters on DREAMING, DECIDING, EMBODYING, DOING, BELIEVING, REFRAMING, DETACHING, RECEIVING, SHINING, and—when change calls—PIVOTING.

It's the process I've used to go from unsure of my passion while in corporate America, to building businesses, working and traveling around the world, and writing for publications like Ad Age and HuffPost.

The best part is, YOUR bright life may not look anything like mine! Your bright life could be babies in your arms, farm animals on your property, climbing the ladder at a Fortune 100 company, or escaping the 9 to 5 grind to see the world from a camper van.

No matter what your dream looks like, this book will give you a ton of clarity, permission, inspiration, and encouragement around what YOUR brightest life looks like... and how to bring it to life!

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As a first-time author, your support genuinely means the world to me! Thank you so much!