Graduate Testimonial | Stephanie LeDonne of Superb Scribe

Graduate Testimonial: Meet Stephanie

Stephanie LeDonne of Superb Scribe has a degree in English, but that didn’t stop her from building her skills (and business) in the course! She primarily took the course to learn how to begin securing her first clients, growing her business, and expanding into content strategies like search engine optimization. She rapidly secured several new consults and even clients!

watch the video to hear…

✨ Why she took the course even though she’s a strong writer already

✨ Her incredible advice to beginning writers (and why you should never give up)

✨ What helped her secure multiple consultations in only a few weeks

✨ One word she believes is the secret sauce to growing a business

✨ How to use where you’re at now to serve your copywriting business

P.S. If you’re a brand looking for an incredible writer, connect with Stephanie at to see samples of her work and discuss your copywriting needs!

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