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P A R T 3

My Journey to Building a
6-Figure Business as My Own Boss

(and how anyone can do the same)

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After years of trial and error, I looked closer at what WAS working.

What WAS giving me freedom to work anywhere without tying me to my phone…

What WAS paying me generously for every minute worked…

What WAS giving me a break from being ON nonstop, where I could tune out and be creative…

What WAS letting me get out of salesperson mode and sending me clients more effortlessly…

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I was so surprised to recognize… it was COPYWRITING!

Copywriting felt like the easiest days—the days I didn’t have to be ON all day during meetings, but could work creatively on projects from my computer with very few Zoom calls in sight.

Copywriting gave me the ability to work from anywhere on any timezone.

To create memories and travel the world in my free time and have the funds to do so.

Copywriting paid me for every single hour I worked. I didn’t have to foot the bill for time spent BUILDING the business. Copywriting was the WHOLE business. I did my work, I got paid, and I was able to tune out when I wasn’t actively working.

Copywriting enabled me to create my own schedule and be flexible as my schedule changed.

To choose only the clients, projects, and industries I was passionate about

To be wholly responsible for the work I did, and scale up or down my hours as desired

To double my corporate income and pay off tens of thousands in debt in months.

The first time a client offered me $50 per hour for copywriting, I quickly did the math and realized that I could make $100K that year at 40 hours/week. The first time a client offered to pay me $100 per hour for copywriting, I realized that I could make $200K—or work half the time (around 20 hours per week) and still earn 6 figures. I could literally work until lunch, earn a few hundred dollars, and then spend the rest of the day with my family, or traveling, or on a walk in the fresh air, or volunteering, or working on other passion projects if I wanted.

Here’s the thing: my story is not unique. I am not an anomaly. I am just someone who mastered the craft of writing content and the strategy brands were looking for, developed compelling writing samples, tried 100 ways to get clients until I locked into the dozen or so that worked… and when it began working, it was unstoppable.

And if you’re looking for a path to becoming your own boss, it can be for you, too!

(And I can show you what I learned so you don’t have to use trial and error like me!)

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The thing about copywriting is that, once I figured out how to sell myself and secure clients, I quickly had more work than I could handle. There was so much demand that, even when I didn’t actively search for copywriting clients, people still reached out to me or offered me generous rates just to make it work. Brands understood the value of copywriting, so they were HAPPY to seek it out and pay for it. I began building a team to share the overflow.

And my agency, Buzzworthy Content, was born.

I found immense fulfillment in sharing work with my team—enabling them to build their own businesses, leave corporate America if they desired, and discover the freedom to work anywhere and anytime. I wanted to share this feeling—this freedom—with everyone.

In the next post, I’ll share what I created as the way to make this available to not just me or my team of writers at my agency, but to EVERYONE with a dream on their heart to become their own boss, travel the world working from anywhere, or find more freedom in their day and lives.

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I’m so excited to share it with you!

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