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My Journey to Building a
6-Figure Business as My Own Boss

(and how anyone can do the same)

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So now it’s time to unveil what I’ve been building for you!

For ANYONE who dreams of starting their own online business, becoming their own boss, creating another income stream, being able to work from anywhere, or being able to have more ownership over their schedule so they have more time for what lights them up in all the other parts of their life… ✨

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While it took me YEARS to find traction in other business models, with copywriting, I was able to surpass $10K that first MONTH working with brands and industries I LOVED.

I didn’t have to spend years building an online following or even post online at all.

I didn’t have to be on the phone, email, or meetings all day every day.

I didn’t have to CONVINCE brands they needed this service—just to introduce myself.

I didn’t have to spend NEARLY as much time in trial and error as I did.

Once I figured out how to secure clients, I quickly had more work than I could handle. Within months, I began building a team of writers to share it with them. I had no idea how much I would love mentoring these writers—enabling them to build their own businesses, take on the projects that sounded interesting, have the freedom to work anywhere, or to still earn a good living working part time so they could have more time with their babies.

I wanted to share this feeling—this freedom—with everyone. Especially women, because more money in the hands of women means more resources, more opportunities, more votes, more wellness, more generosity, more legacy, more free time, more power, more VOICE…

But I couldn’t find anything that taught it. So… I created it. (!)

A program that teaches…

How to build an online copywriting business from the ground up.

How to write AND understand the strategy brands look for pay you premium rates, based on what I learned in both being a freelance writer AND hiring writers inside corporate America.

EXACTLY how to get CLIENTS. While most courses teach JUST copywriting, this course is designed to be a business in a box. Every week, practice a new strategy for acquiring clients. Learn how to pitch AND get my templates for follow-ups, contracts, and more. I even share ACTUAL clients for your first projects so you get REAL experience right away.

Step by step, be guided through developing work samples that make brands eager to work with you AND come away with a beautiful portfolio that sells your work.

Better yet, get loving PERSONALIZED feedback from me and my team so you KNOW your writing is hitting the mark OR know EXACTLY where to improve.

What’s more, one of the most invaluable parts of my entrepreneurial journey has been being surrounded by other people with a dream to build a business or create a better life for themselves. Tap into a community of other supportive entrepreneurs to offer you support, feedback, and celebrate your wins as you navigate your new business.

Whether you’re already a writer or are simply willing to learn…

This 8-week online program teaches you everything you need to know to be a successful copywriter and replace a corporate income working from anywhere—anytime.

To position yourself to charge $50, $75, or $100 per hour.

To travel the world OR simply have more time snuggled at home with loved ones.

To make 6-figures per year—even working 20 hours per week. ($50/hour is $100K/year.)

To choose the projects that light you up and make you wake up excited to get to your office.

To get PAID to write about the things you already love to learn about.

To be your OWN boss in charge of your OWN schedule and life.

To find fulfillment and freedom in creating a business and a life you love.


I’ve written digital marketing curriculums for public brands, so I know what’s out there… and there is nothing quite like this.

A program that teaches you both the skill side and the business side, with a heaping ton of personalized support. (Because, to be successful, you really want and need all of those!)

Why I want you to learn it from me…

I’ve led content strategy for international companies

I’ve worked at New York City ad agencies

I’ve written for HuffPost, AdAge, and other major publications.

I’ve scaled my copywriting business to multiple 6-figures in the first year

I’ve hired freelance copywriters in corporate America, so I know what brands look for… and I’ve been hired by brands, so I know what it takes to actually get hired, stand out, and make a GOOD living as a copywriter.

I believe money in the hands of good people means more GOOD in the world.

I have 15+ years of experience in content marketing.

I know what it’s like to build a business that works—AND what pitfalls to avoid.

I genuinely enjoy teaching others and seeing them create their own version of freedom.

I hear from people all the time who are wondering how I did it, and how to do it themselves. This is my answer for the most direct and profitable route to freedom in life and business.

Your life can look completely different in 90 days. I’ll show you, step by step, exactly how. (And we’ll have a lot of FUN doing it!)

So now is the part where I unveil what I’ve built for you!
And show you exactly how to do it and how to start….