Graduate Testimonial | Cléone

Graduate Testimonial: Meet Cléone

How This Talented Musician Reinvented Herself Through Writing

Cléone has been a talented musician and linguist for years, and recently began reinventing herself by adding writing to her abilities. She has written personally for years but desired to add a business lens to her expertise, so she can help business leaders translate their vision into words.

watch the video to hear…

✨ How she decided on which copywriting course to take

✨ How her education furthered her skills in writing, editing, and research

✨ Ways she can now help businesses achieve their goals via copywriting

✨ The services she offers such as ghost-writing for business leaders

✨ Her advice to new writers or anyone thinking about making a change

P.S. If you’re a brand who wants to work with an incredible writer, connect with Cléone at to see discuss your content-writing needs!

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