Graduate Testimonial | Kristen Thompson

Graduate Testimonial: Meet Kristen

From Corporate America to Becoming Her Own Boss

Kristen started out in Corporate America but decided to build a copywriting business to infuse more creativity in her career. She took the course to master copywriting and content marketing and also to learn the business side, so she could secure her first clients, eventually replace a corporate income, and scale her business from there.

watch the video to hear…

✨ How she secured her first paying clients within weeks

✨ Her advice to new writers or anyone still in their corporate position

✨ How to make the most of your time in corporate to benefit your future biz

✨ Why it’s never too late to evolve your career or make a change

P.S. If you’re a brand who wants to work with an incredible writer, connect with Kristen at to see her portfolio and discuss your copywriting needs!

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