Copywriting is what opened up the freedom for me to travel the world, choose my schedule, find passion in my work, and be my own boss—all while earning more than I did in my corporate career. Through my podcast, book, and online program, I teach others how to do the same—even if they're starting with zero experience!

I help women create their
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With a degree in journalism and 15 years of experience in content marketing, I founded Buzzworthy Content, a content marketing agency that helps brands save more time, generate more revenue, and make a bigger impact.

After realizing how much I loved mentoring my team of writers, I created Content Business Blueprint—an online program that teaches more women how to  create more freedom and fulfillment as their own boss through copywriting. Through personalized mentorship, women learn how to write, book clients, and build another income stream or full 6-figure biz.

Every week on The Bright Life Podcast, I share nuggets of inspiration from the entrepreneurial journey. It’s full of lessons, triumphs, losses, and laughter for anyone looking to design their own version of their biggest, brightest life.

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