Content Business Blueprint | Freelance Copywriting Course

Content Business Blueprint

My education program training people how to become freelance copywriters making 6-figures.

After a decade in corporate America leading content strategy, managing teams for international companies, contributing to HuffPost and Ad Age, and hiring freelance writers, I became a freelance writer myself.

I eventually booked full, hired a team, and founded my own content marketing agency, Buzzworthy Content. I delighted in mentoring writers and helping them find freedom through their own freelance careers. I wanted to help more people. And that’s how Content Business Blueprint was born.

In this 8-week live online training program, I teach people how to become content writers who can scale past 6-figures per year. Week by week, students learn to write, to build a business, and to land clients… so they can build profitable, fulfilling businesses as their own boss.

Meet a few Course Graduates

  • Stephanie

    Stephanie majored in English and took the course to learn the business side of copywriting, as well as additional strategies like search engine optimization.

  • Leanne

    Leanne is a busy mother of two who began her online business two years ago. She took the course to add content writing to her services and expertise.

  • Kristen

    Kristen began charting her path to being her own boss. She navigated a full-time career while building her client base and portfolio in the course.

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