A.k.a. content writing, freelance writing, etc... what are they? What's a typical day in the life like? How much can you make? Keep reading to find out!

What is Copywriting?

Content is where businesses share their message through words. Examples include blog posts, social media, and email newsletters! Businesses hire writers to help them write because there is so much to write these days!

While you may have heard of some people talk about content like TikToks, with content writing, we're specifically talking about content you WRITE for businesses behind the scenes (so no having to show your face online!).

What is Content / Copy?

like, will i have to make tiktoks?

Copywriting is writing content for businesses, like social media posts, email newsletters, and blog posts!

The best part is, you can write for any industry that you have experience in or are passionate about. I've helped nurses earn their first $5,000 writing for healthcare brands, marketers create more schedule flexibility, and coaches supplement their income writing about their area of expertise while helping even more people!

What is Copywriting?

aka content writing, freelance, etc!

Have you ever Googled things like parenting tips, best local restaurants, or how to choose the right doctor? For every one of those searches, you've probably discovered blog posts online. Once you learn to write for biz, you can earn $250 to $500 writing one of those blog posts!

Let's say a local animal shelter wants to promote itself online. You could earn a few hundred dollars writing a blog post (or even a set of social media posts) about its upcoming events, advice for taking care of animals, or its latest adopted pets. Not only do you make good money, but you make a difference doing so!

What's an Example?

what does this actually look like?

While every day is a little different, generally you will spend your time writing! Once you connect with a biz that needs your help writing, the business gives you any details you need (like topics, layout, deadline, etc.). Then you write on your own time. You may have a call here and there to touch base or ask follow-up questions, but it's up to you and how you set up your biz. (P.S. you learn EVERY STEP—how to connect with clients, write, edit, research, and build a biz in my programs—see below!)

What Does a Day Look Like?

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I built my freelance biz charging $50 to $100/hour (that's $100,000 to $200,000 per year) which is what I teach my students. (There are many writers charging less, but with the right positioning, brands happily pay more for your added value!
What does it take to earn these rates? Partly knowing content strategy, which offers more value to brands. (Plus, makes you stand out you so you book clients more quickly.) Partly knowing how to pitch. And partly having writing samples that sell your expertise. That's why I teach my students ALL of these pieces, provide scripts and templates for everything, and give feedback so they can earn $50 to $100/hour from the start.

How Much Can You Make?


1,000% YES! I've trained writers for years inside corporate, at my own agency, and in my programs. You're correct that it will take more than a few Google articles to get the hang of things. But with the right process, mentorship, and personalized feedback (like you receive in my programs) you can absolutely learn everything you need to know. I've trained brand-new writers who began earning $125/hour (that's $250,000 per year) and writing for websites with 15 million readers/month! They're making a difference AND an income as their own boss.

Can Anyone Do This, Really?

even if i'm new, like braaand new

One of my fave parts of content-writing is there are very few startup costs (so no risk and you're able to start making profit right away). You don't even need a fancy website—just a computer! So if you have 1 to 2 hours per week, I can teach you everything you need to know, step by step. Each week in my programs, you learn how to write and build a portfolio, and how to book clients. That's why so many students begin getting their first leads and clients only weeks in! You can make this a full-time biz OR a side hustle for more cash wiggle room!

How Fast Can I Get Going?

ready for freedom asap!

Build a copywriting biz in 8 weeks with the only program that teaches you all-in-one 1) content writing AND strategy, 2) multiple ways to book clients without relying on social media, 3) how to position yourself to earn premium rates like $50 to $100 hour (that's multiple 6-figures per year!) and 4) gives you personalized mentorship and support.

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