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It’s official—you can get a copy of my first book today on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, or Audible (I narrate the audiobook version)! It’s called Your Bright Life: Get Clear on What You Want, Overcome Self-Doubt, and Bring Your Dreams to Life. In this episode, I give a mini sample of the intro, give an […]

your bright life - jessica johnson

My Book YOUR BRIGHT LIFE Is Available Now!

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Have you ever thought about what a GIFT it is if you actually know what you desire? There are people unsure what they want, but if there’s a career move you want to make, a city you want to move to, or a future you can’t stop thinking about… you are actually one of the […]

DECIDING: The Hidden Gift of Knowing What You Want

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If you’ve ever been told that you want too much, that your ideas are frivolous, or that what you desire is meant for someone else but not YOU… then listen to this episode for three simple reframes on why your imagination is your super power. Your imagination is the first step to what you really […]

DREAMING: Your Imagination Is Your Super Power

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If you’ve ever considered copywriting as a way to make a living as your own boss with location and schedule freedom, watch this video to learn what copywriting is, what kinds of projects copywriters work on, what copywriters do during the day, and why businesses hire copywriters! Prefer to read instead? Keep scrolling to find […]

what is copywriting

What is Copywriting?

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If you’ve ever Googled ‘online business ideas’ then you know how many options come up, and how hard it is to tell which ones have the lowest risks, aren’t packed with a ton of hidden startup costs, and would TRULY give you the freedom you desire. I felt the same way before starting my business! […]

Copywriting vs. Top Online Business Ideas: Which Is Best for You?

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If you’ve ever heard the terms ‘copywriting and ‘content writing’ and wondered what the difference was between them, watch the video below! You’ll learn the difference between copywriting vs content writing, plus examples for each, how the two complement each other, and why you sometimes hear both terms used interchangeably. And if you want to […]

copywriting vs content writing

Copywriting vs. Content Writing: What’s the Difference?

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If you’ve ever looked at some people and wished you had their fearlessness, today’s blog post is full of truth bombs that challenge you to rethink bravery and teach you how to become fearless. In this blog post, I share three insights that have personally transformed my journey as an entrepreneur and helped me overcome […]

how to become fearless

How to Become Fearless: It’s a Practice, Not a Personality

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Have you ever wanted to feel more comfortable taking up space, sharing your message, or getting visible online? Guest Emilee Fry is here to help. Emilee is a business coach and mindset mentor who shares: ✨ How to identify the root cause of visibility fears ✨ One simple step you can take to start shifting […]

introvert's guide to getting visible emilee fry

An Introvert’s Guide to Getting Visible With Emilee Fry

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Join me and one of my besties Kacia Ghetmiri, host of the EmpowerHer Podcast and EmpowerHer Live events, for a conversation that will light you up, remind you that you’re doing it RIGHT (even if you’re a beginner again in some areas) and encourage you around: ✨ Why EASY robs you of PROUD (and how […]

kacia ghetmiri empowerher podcast

Empowering You to GO FOR IT (and Even Be a Beginner Again) Feat. Kacia Ghetmiri

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Do you ever feel like you need one more degree, certification program, or outside approval BEFORE you share your message, launch your business, or take on clients? If so, have you ever considered whether it’s TRULY an education thing… or maybe partly a WORTHINESS thing? (Said with love because this is a pattern I’ve recognized […]

you are worthy

Qualify Yourself (You Are Worthy Already)