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If you’re looking to find more passion or fulfillment this year, this is for you. There’s a lot of talk out there about how to find your passion, and I don’t know about you, but most of it left me feeling more confused, frustrated, and defeated than before. Instead, let’s give you a ton of […]

reframes to find your passion

3 Reframes to Find Your Passion in 2023

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If you’ve set out to make your dreams come true but are frustrated with how long the results are taking, this episode is for you! Guest Nicole Robertson has started two 6-figure businesses and is on her third while traveling the world with location independence. She recently launched her brand-new book Unbound: Master Money and […]

dreams come true nicole robertson

Invisible Results: Embracing the Lag Time Before Dreams Come True

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There are so many ways to spread cheer and change lives during the holidays (or really any time of year). From surprising people with generous tips, to sponsoring families in need, organizing gift wrap-athons with neighbors, asking for an unexpected way to be of service, or bringing friends in on the fun to create a […]

Fun Ways to Change Lives This Holiday Season

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If you’ve lost touch with what dreams you have for your life—or feel like they’re in conflict with your current path, career, or societal pressures—then this episode will help you tune back into those dreams, give yourself permission to trust them, and use them to reignite your passion for life. Guest Carrie Doan is a […]

how to trust your desires to guide your next step carrie doan

How to Trust Your Desires to Guide Your Next Step With Carrie Doan

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If you’ve ever dreamt of building a side hustle, online business, or creative project, but been nervous to make the leap, todays’ video is for you. Keep reading (or watching) for encouragement around when the time is right to start a side business or make a career change. How to Know It’s Time to Start […]

start a side business

How to Know if You’re Ready to Start a Side Business (or Make a Change)

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We’re approaching the time of year for new year’s resolutions, lofty commitments, and massive life changes… but what if there was an easier way to actually make MORE progress toward your dreams and business goals? To find CONSISTENCY instead of feeling so all-or-nothing all the time? To find a way to reach your goals that […]

how to reach your goals the easier way

How to Reach Your Goals (the Easier Way)

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There are many online businesses out there, from vacation rentals to network marketing to online coaching to freelance writing. What are the risks and startup costs for each — and which ones have the lowest risks and startup costs so you can profit more from day one with less on the line? Let’s discuss in […]

Online Businesses with the Lowest Risks and Smallest Startup Costs

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One of the best things about a copywriting business is that you don’t need a ton of expensive technology to run your business. Most of the tools that a copywriter uses are completely free and optional, which means that everything you earn is profit. And while every freelance writer will have different preferences, below are […]

top free copywriting tools and technology

Top Free Copywriting Tools for Freelance Writers

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Copywriting is an art that requires creativity, imagination, and writing skills. However, copywriters today have to be more tech-savvy as well. In today’s digital age, copywriting must be optimized for search engines in order to be seen by a wider audience. That’s where SEO for copywriters comes in. In this blog post, we’ll explore what […]

what is seo for copywriters

What is SEO for Copywriters (and How Does it Help to Know It?)

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Imposter syndrome is a feeling that many of us face at some point in our lives, especially when we embark on new projects or take on new challenges. Despite knowing you’re capable, the fear of not being good enough can creep in and makes you question your worthiness. In this blog post, we’ll explore some […]

how to deal with imposter syndrome

How to Deal With Imposter Syndrome