3 Reframes to Find Your Passion in 2023

If you’re looking to find more passion or fulfillment this year, this is for you. There’s a lot of talk out there about how to find your passion, and I don’t know about you, but most of it left me feeling more confused, frustrated, and defeated than before.

Instead, let’s give you a ton of permission, excitement, and encouragement around finding your passion(s) in all the places they may be hiding. Below, we bust three myths about finding your purpose or calling, so you can find your passion with more ease, less pressure.

How to Find Your Passion

Culturally, there is so much pressure to find that ONE thing that only you can do. Have you ever noticed that? From basically age four, people start asking children what they want to be when they grow up. You go through school to get into the right college. As soon as you get into college, you’re supposed to choose one major for one career track you’ll have the rest of your life. Oh, and it better be something that makes a lot of money or changes the world or sounds good to the neighbors.

How exhausting! I don’t know about you, but I felt so much pressure in this system. I desperately wanted to choose the right thing and work hard for it, but I just didn’t know what my thing was initially. Then I changed my beliefs, which changed my life.

Your Passion Isn’t Just One Thing

You can be passionate about being a really good mother. You can be passionate about fitness and your favorite local yoga studio. You can be passionate about making a difference at a charity you love. You can be passionate about your spirituality. You can be passionate about art. You can be passionate about the thing that you love to just look up and learn about online. History. Space. Scuba diving. Who cares!

You can have the chapter where you are writing your book or consumed with your creative projects. You can have the chapter where you’re investing in your health. You can have the chapter where you are cocooning and recharging after a particularly hard season.

Instead of looking at each of these passions or seasons as disjointed, look at them like a full, beautiful tapestry of your whole life. Look at the chapters that you’ve lived and the things you’ve fallen in and out of love with. How beautiful.

Maybe having lots of passions doesn’t detract from your path. Maybe it enriches it. Maybe having lots of passions actually adds to your life and makes it more beautiful, fulfilling, and exciting. Your passion isn’t just one thing. And that’s not a bad thing. That’s a blessing.

Chase Your Curiosities

There is a sentiment floating around that, in order for something to be worth doing, it has to add to your life in some quantifiable way, whether in money, accolades, or success. But that perspective could be keeping you from things that you would actually love. Or, it could be keeping you from things that you are meant to do—that WILL lead you to that next chapter of your life.

For example, my whole entrepreneurial journey—my business, this blog, my podcast—started from chasing a single unrelated curiosity. At the time, I was in corporate America. I had some extra time in my evenings, so I began diving into things I enjoyed, like nutrition and wellness. I found my way to a nutrition certification program, which sparked the idea for my first business in health coaching. From there, I realized that I was better suited to write about health and wellness (versus coach on it) so that led to my second business, a content-writing business. And on and on the story goes.

But I never would’ve started down that track of learning about nutrition if I felt like there HAD to be some bigger meaning to make it worthwhile. It would have intimidated me too much. It didn’t make sense with anything else I was doing in my career or life. But once I removed the pressure and simply chased my curiosities, they led me to a whole new career and life.

And so your passion, your curiosities, could do the same for you. You could see an ad for a local class that calls to you. You could have a conversation with someone at a coffee shop that sparks an idea. You could know something that you’ve always wanted to learn about, like I did. Instead of feeling like the point is to be productive, what if the point is your joy, fulfillment, inspiration, and passion? Don’t disqualify those things. Chase that curiosity on your heart. It may provide joy. It may lead to a whole new life.

You Can Trust Your Desires

The word desire often has a romantic connotation. But I’m referring to it more like a dream or desire on your heart for something in your life.

I used to feel like the desires were something to keep an eye on. To corral. To control. Like as long as they lined up with the productive version of me — as long as they helped me achieve something — they were allowed. But as soon as they went too rogue, or didn’t align with my more productive goals, then I had to shut that sh*t down quickly. I started viewing desires differently a few years ago, and I want to offer this perspective to you.

Think about it this way: How amazing is it that the whole world hinges together because everyone has a different desire? Some people desire to fight for animal rights. Some people desire to become doctors. Some people desire o make the world more beautiful and they become artists. Some people desire to keep our cities more organized or more clean. Everyone has this different path that calls to them. And how amazing is it that the whole world hinges together because of that?

If you only allow certain desires to be valuable or worthy of pursuing, our entire society would be missing something essential. Your desires are sacred. You can trust them. Everyone’s desires are there for a reason and hinge the world together in a beautiful way. Yours included.

I hope these reframes re-energize you around finding your passion. For more support…

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