Invisible Results: Embracing the Lag Time Before Dreams Come True

If you’ve set out to make your dreams come true but are frustrated with how long the results are taking, this episode is for you!

Guest Nicole Robertson has started two 6-figure businesses and is on her third while traveling the world with location independence. She recently launched her brand-new book Unbound: Master Money and Live Without Restriction, is the host of The Spill Podcast, and specializes in helping women take more control of their life and potential through business and personal growth.

Patience as Your Dreams Come True

In this episode, Nicole Robertson shares with us:

✨ Her biggest mindset shifts in creating multiple businesses without college education

✨ How to embrace the lag time between starting a dream and it coming true

✨ How to stay motivated in a culture obsessed with instant gratification

✨ Signs your dream is on its way to you, even if you can’t see the results yet

✨ How to become more of a match (energetically and practically) for what you want

✨ A step you can take to identify beliefs tripping you up and rewire them for success

It’s completely normal for big dreams to have big timelines. This episode will re-energize you around staying the course and help you see signs that your results are on their way to you.

Ready for Your Biggest, Brightest, Life?

Listen to the episode here! Would seriously fall out of my chair over a review!

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