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Episode 088: 4 Traits to Cultivate as a New Business Owner

Watch out, world—here you come! As you build your dream life—whether that’s to build a business, become a mother, write a best-selling novel, or create any other dream—listen for four traits to cultivate to feel unstoppable.

The message here isn’t that you NEED all of these traits to be successful, but rather to find ways to lean into them in every day life to improve your results and see unexpected solutions. Listen to this episode to learn…

✨ Four traits that will serve you when building your dream life

✨ How to build more courage and resourcefulness no matter what obstacles you’re up against

✨ Why you’re not missing anything (and no one else has some secret sauce that you don’t)

✨ How to become bigger than your fear and realize you can handle ANY emotion

✨ How to ask yourself better questions that lead to better answers

Listen to the episode: