Entrepreneurship Myths that Could be Holding You Back

Do you ever find yourself dreaming of starting a business or pursuing a passion but feeling held back by doubt? In this article, I want to challenge some of the most common entrepreneurship myths (because I faced them, too!). By the end of this article, I hope you can feel more confident pursuing the life you desire—no matter where you’re starting from or what you want to create. 👊

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3 Top Entrepreneurship Myths (and Reframes)

Myth #1: It’s Too Late for You

One of the most common myths that holds people back from pursuing their dreams is the belief that it’s too late for them. Whether you think you’ve invested too much time in your current career or missed opportunities in your past, remember that life is a journey that you can recreate at any moment.

Think about individuals like Oprah, who was fired from her first job at age 23, or Tina Fey, who worked at the YMCA at age 28. These successful women found their paths later in life and went on to achieve greatness at the top of their fields. Your age should never be an obstacle to pursuing your dreams; instead, consider the experiences that you’ve had up until now to be valuable steps toward your next chapter.

For me personally, when I left Corporate America to start my own business, I was afraid that I had already invested a decade into my career track. What I couldn’t see at the time is how everything I had learned up until then would actually help me become a better business owner. Even seemingly random tasks like working on PowerPoint presentations in my 9 to 5 taught me design skills that helped me create websites, webinars, and guides as a business owner. So consider…

  • What industry have you been in up until now?
  • What tools or technology do you use in your current work?
  • What have you learned around sales, finance, customer support, or marketing?

All of these can help you as an entrepreneur. The time you’ve spent in another path hasn’t been wasted time; it’s been a stepping stone for success in your next venture.

Myth #2: Others Have Something You Don’t

Comparing yourself to others can be debilitating, especially when you feel that they possess something you lack, whether in resources, money, or even confidence. The truth is, most successful entrepreneurs aren’t inherently fearless or brimming with resources; rather, they’ve developed traits like resourcefulness and willingness to take risks over time.

To be a successful entrepreneur, don’t worry about whether someone has more resources. Focus on how YOU can cultivate more resourcefulNESS. That means looking at every challenge like an opportunity to find creative solutions. For example, if you’re short on money, brainstorm different ways to make ends meet (like freelance writing 😉) to support your dreams. If you’re not sure of your next step, consume audiobooks, YouTube videos, or podcast episodes from leaders living the life you desire.

Cultivate a practice of always asking, “How could I make this work?” and allow your creativity, resourcefulness, and uniqueness to guide you.

Myth #3: You Can’t Change Now

Feeling like your path is fixed and unchangeable can be paralyzing. Remember that all of life and nature is DESIGNED to be ever-changing and ever-growing. Your current circumstances don’t dictate your potential or possibilities. Your life can change in an instant. Embrace the idea that your journey is ongoing, and new opportunities can arise at any stage. You can change your mind at any time.

For all we know, we only have one go at this life. So give it your all, live without regrets, and know that whether you succeed or fail, at least you won’t have to wonder what could’ve been.

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