How to Sell Your Services Authentically (and Actually Enjoy Sales) feat. Anna Rapp

Have you ever Googled if there was a way to grow your business… without having to do sales? 😅 Business and mindset coach Anna Rapp has, and it’s what ultimately led her to discover how to LOVE sales and how to sell from a place that feels authentic and fun. She’s here to share with us…

✨ How to sell in a genuine way that feels true to YOU

✨ How to shift your perspective to view sales as a way to SERVE your audience

✨ Simple practices to grow your confidence if you’re scared of selling

✨ How to move through buyer concerns in a way that feels good to BOTH you and your prospective client

✨ What it means to sell with heart… and why it could be the thing that unlocks next-level growth for your business

Listen to all this and more in Episode 89 of the Bright Life Podcast: How to Sell Your Services Authentically (and Actually Enjoy Sales) feat. Anna Rapp.

About Anna Rapp

Anna Rapp is a Business Mentor and Mindset Coach, mama to two, and founder of the Heart-Centered Entrepreneur Podcast and Community. Anna coaches ambitious women to help them launch and grow their service based businesses so that they can have wild, profitable, monetary success… but without compromising what matters most to them like their values and showing up for their family.

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