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Ask This Question to Boost Confidence in Every Area of Your Life

If you have an area that you’ve been doubting yourself in — maybe you’re wondering what others will think or if YOU are even qualified to begin with — then this post is for you! Get ready to boost confidence, increase self-love, and feel unstoppable.

I recently read a social media post by wellness author Chris Carr. She was sharing how she’d been telling a friend all the reasons why she feared no one would like her upcoming book. She had set out to write something inspirational, but the only ideas coming to her were grief and transition after her fight with cancer. “My book is going to be such a buzzkill,” she kept telling her friend. And then her friend so wisely replied back these six game-changing words:

“What if the opposite were true?”

The opposite, in this scenario, is that there are people out there who are dying to read something raw, real, and honest about going through a hard time. There are people who are going through challenges themselves, and want to read that someone else has been through something seemingly insurmountable, too, with wisdom to share from the other side. There are people who need to hear EXACTLY her message, and ONLY from her, in the way she would say it.

And it just struck me that we could all apply this question to remove self-doubt and instantly boost confidence…

Boost Confidence With This One Question

If you believe people won’t like what you have to say…

What if the opposite were true? What if people will LOVE your message? What if people are inspired every time you share from the heart? What if some people have never quite felt something click until you describe your story, in your way?

If you believe you’re not doing enough…

What if the opposite were true? What if you’re KILLING it? What if you’re managing your job, your family, and your health — in a PANDEMIC, no less? What if you’re doing more than people have done in the history of the world, and you are crushing it? What if there’s people you don’t even know who are looking at you, feeling inspired by you, and wishing to be able to do HALF of what you do, the way you do it?

If you believe you’re messing everything up…

What if the opposite were true? What if you are doing everything exactly as you should be right now? What if you’re learning? What if the things that you’re learning are setting you up for what you can’t even see coming around the corner? What if what you perceive as failure is actually taking you to the next level of your life? What if the challenges that you’re going through now are preparing you to receive the life that you want more than anything?

If you feel like the market is too saturated or it’s all been done before… 

What if the opposite were true? What if no one is doing it the way you would do it? What if it’s not too late for you? What if you’re the EXACT person that some people will hear it from, and they’re not going to hear it from anyone else, no matter if there’s a hundred other people saying the same thing?

My husband and I regularly learn about travel, finance, and mindset… and even though we’re interested in the SAME topics, we choose completely different experts to learn from. I don’t always resonate with his authors or vloggers of choice, nor does he with mine… and that’s the point. Until YOUR voice is out there, some people are going to be lost without YOU. 

If you feel like you’re too much… 

What if the opposite were true? What if you being bossy or bold or assertive is EXACTLY what you need to go places in this world? What if those are the traits you need to do what you’re here to do? What if your quirks are GIFTS that are going to make you stand out?

If you feel like it’s too late for you… 

What if the opposite were true? What if now is the EXACT right time for you? What if all the skills that you’ve been building up until now make this the BEST time for you to go for it? What if you having waited until now will accelerate your success in a million ways because you have so much more background and experience to share? What if it’s the exact right time in history, with the right tech and cultural movements, and everything is adding up in your favor?

I hope you take this question with you: What if the opposite were true?

Because chances are… it really is.

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