BELIEVING: How to Borrow Belief to Unlock More Confidence

If you know what you WANT to think about yourself, but sometimes have a hard time BELIEVING the thought, keep reading for a few tricks to transform your confidence.

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Change Your Beliefs to Change Your Life

If you find yourself struggling to take action on your dreams, facing negative self-talk, or experiencing fear, the key lies in transforming your beliefs.

This is because your THOUGHTS influence the EMOTIONS you feel, the ACTIONS you take, and therefore the RESULTS you get in life. When you consistently think certain thoughts, they become soundtracks for your brain, shaping your outlook on life.

If your soundtracks are limiting or negative, they can create emotions like fear, self-doubt, and inadequacy. You may not take the actions you WANT to take, because your fears are holding you back, despite your best efforts.

The good news is that you have the power to shift your beliefs and create new, empowering soundtracks. If you know how to change your thoughts, you know how to change your life. Below are a few ways to shift your beliefs for more confidence and self-empowerment.

Ask: What Else Could Be True?

When you encounter a belief that holds you back, ask yourself, “What else could be true?”

For example, if you WANT to share your story online, but fear that people will make fun of you or talk about you behind your back, consider what ELSE could be true. Because while, sure, some people could do that, the TRUTH is that your message could also genuinely help someone and make a positive impact. That leads to a more empowering belief like, “My message will INSPIRE others.”

That belief makes it more likely that you’ll take action, because you’re now focused on the difference you can make, instead of fear around being vulnerable. Challenge your limiting thoughts and open your mind to alternative perspectives—they may just be the truth.

Borrow Confidence from Others

Changing beliefs can be challenging, especially if you’re struggling to adopt a new mindset. In such situations, it can be incredibly helpful to borrow beliefs from others.

Seek out individuals who exude confidence in areas you want to improve. Follow social media accounts, read stories, listen to podcasts, or watch documentaries of people who inspire you. Let their beliefs become the voice in your head until you can integrate them into your own mindset.

Craft an Affirmation Soundtrack

Once you’ve identified a new, more empowering belief, turn it into an affirmation. An affirmation is a positive statement that you repeat to yourself regularly. It helps rewire your brain and replaces negative soundtracks with uplifting ones. If you’re used to listening to only negative, limiting thoughts about yourself, it’s time to switch up your playlist!

Choose your affirmation based on the new belief you want to embrace like, “This message will really help someone.” Repeat this affirmation daily, before taking action, or when you need a confidence boost.

At first, new affirmations may feel like a stretch. But as you practice reframing your beliefs and repeating these more empowering affirmations, you’ll notice a transformation within yourself. You’ll notice that you actually… believe them! Over time, your new beliefs will become the dominant soundtracks for your brain. You’ll feel more empowered, confident, and capable of pursuing your dreams fearlessly.

Beliefs are the foundation upon which you build your life. By shifting your soundtracks to positive, empowering beliefs, you can conquer fear, overcome self-doubt, and bring your dreams to life.

Embrace the power of affirmations, seek inspiration from others, and craft your new belief system. Watch as your mindset, actions, and results align with your true potential. Remember, you have the power to create a mental environment of empowerment that supports your biggest dreams.

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