Birthday Episode: Top Lessons Learned at 34

Happy one-year-birthday to the Bright Life Podcast! 🎉 What’s funny is I actually share my birthday with the podcast, because I spent so many years afraid of launching it, and decided to finally use my birthday as the push I needed. So here we are, celebrating both!

It’s been an incredible journey of growth and learning, so I thought it would be fun to take a moment to reflect on the top lessons I’ve learned over the past year at age 34. These insights have not only shaped my perspective on life and business but have also brought me closer to understanding who I am and where I’m headed. So, whether you’re in your thirties or any other phase of life, I hope these lessons resonate with and inspire you, too.

Prefer to listen? Check out Episode 52 of the Bright Life Podcast: Birthday Episode: Top Lessons Learned at 34.

Top Lessons Learned at Age 34

Run Toward Your Fears

Running toward your fears is like diving headfirst into the unknown, and it’s where true evolution happens. As I embarked on the journey of podcasting, I was filled with self-doubt and fear. That’s when it hit me that the only way OUT of fear is through it. I knew that I wasn’t going to stop thinking about this podcast… so the sooner I launched it, the sooner I could get over my fear and see what was on the other side. (And I’m so grateful I did!)

If there’s something you’ve been hesitating to pursue, lean into that discomfort. Running toward your fears can lead you to uncover parts of yourself you didn’t know existed and open doors that you never thought possible.

The Unexpected Can Be Better Than the Expected

Life often unfolds in ways we can’t predict, and the unexpected paths may turn out to be even better than our meticulously planned ones.

This year, I got to go on my dream trip to Greece for my honeymoon, a trip that I have literally been visualizing and dreaming of for years. Thanks to the pandemic, this trip has been postponed and rerouted numerous times, but because of this, it got to become my honeymoon trip—far more special than it would’ve been any of the other occasions.

This is just a small example from this year, but it reminded me that often life’s detours lead to better experiences than we could’ve planed ourselves. Embrace flexibility and trust that life has a way of surprising us in ways we couldn’t have imagined. The best moments are often found in the unplanned.

Look for Creative Ways Your Dream Is Coming True

As you work toward your dreams, remember that the universe may be orchestrating its manifestation in various forms, so keep an eye out of the creative ways your dream could be coming true.

For example, one of the things that I was focused on this year was female friendships. Initially, I envisioned forming friendships in my local community, but what I didn’t expect was finding incredible connections through masterminds, accountability partnerships, and unexpected encounters.

Look for the signs of your dream coming true all around you. The universe may be answering your desires in ways you hadn’t anticipated. And it may be even better.

Embrace Your Unique Energy

In business and personal interactions, embrace your authentic energy. Selling, communicating, or connecting with others should reflect your genuine personality. You don’t need to adopt a cookie-cutter approach; your unique style is your greatest asset.

I spent so much of my life trying to check the box for what I should do or what others tell me is the right approach. This year, I was able to let go of some of that, and see that people respond more to enthusiasm, authenticity, and genuine connection than anything else. Whether you’re an entrepreneur or a friend offering advice, lean into YOUR natural way of interacting.

There Is More of You to Know and Love

No matter how well we think we know ourselves, there’s always more to discover. This year, I engaged in new experiences like participating in Dry June, starting a podcast, launching an online copywriter course, traveling to numerous countries, doing a week-long meditation retreat, and more!

Engaging in new experiences, challenges, or self-improvement endeavors can reveal unexplored facets of your personality. Embrace opportunities to learn about yourself through varied lenses, whether it’s through new challenges, therapy, or personal growth. Each layer you uncover adds to your self-awareness and contributes to your evolving narrative.

As I celebrate my birthday and podcast anniversary, I’m reminded of the countless ways life continues to surprise and teach us. Run toward your fears, embrace the unexpected, recognize the creative ways your dream may be coming true all around you, own your unique energy, and continually discover new parts of yourself. These lessons don’t come with an age limit, so no matter your age, I invite you to try them in your own life!

Here’s to another year of life and the podcast 🎉

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