5 Growth Mindset Practices for Seasons of Change

Before I started my businesses and other creative endeavors, I had no idea how much MINDSET was required to breathe a dream to life. I am now convinced that strategy is necessary, but the REAL work is often with ourselves—in clarifying our desires, believing we are worthy of them, overcoming limiting beliefs, putting ourselves out there, and feeling comfortable sustaining each new stage instead of self-sabotaging.

In this article, we talk five growth mindset practices to elevate to the next level in life, business, health, or relationships—whatever area feels most inspiring to you right now.

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Growth Mindset Practices to Try Today

Whether you’re pursuing a new business venture, facing personal challenges, or embarking on a season of change and transformation, these practices can guide you towards your goals and help you cultivate a mindset of success.

Sandwich Journaling

Journaling may be a familiar practice, but here’s new a method to try. Rather than just free writing, I’ve discovered a technique that has truly transformed my journaling experience. On separate pages of your notebook, focus on:

  1. Page 1: Free write about things you’re grateful for now.
  2. Page 2: List out your fears (e.g. “No one will like my business idea.”)
  3. Page 3: Reframe those fears into positive statements. (e.g. “My business will change lives.”)
  4. Page 4: Write in gratitude as if you are already living your desired reality.

I find that this practice reminds you of all that you’re thankful for, gives you a space to release fears, and helps you envision the life you aspire to live daily.

Embodying Your Future Self Now

Visualization is like a superpower that can transform your reality. Used by the world’s top athletes, visualization has been shown to have a measurable effect in the body.

However, here’s a twist: instead of imagining a distant future, immerse yourself in the feeling of already having achieved your goals NOW. By engaging your senses and emotions, you program your mind to attract opportunities and actions that align with your vision. You also notice where have trouble difficulty believing that things are possible for you, revealing more beliefs to reframe.

Whether you dedicate time to sit quietly—or incorporate visualization into daily tasks like while walking, driving, or showering—you train your mind to embrace the reality you desire.

Expressing Gratitude

Gratitude isn’t just a trendy practice—it’s a powerful tool for shifting your perspective and manifesting your dreams. Start your day by acknowledging small blessings, fostering a positive mindset, and opening yourself to receiving more. Gratitude is an energy that attracts abundance, and as you focus on what you’re thankful for, you amplify the vibration of positivity and appreciation in your life.

Learning From Others

Never underestimate the power of learning from others’ experiences. Engage in podcasts, read books, watch documentaries, and follow inspirational people on social media. By immersing yourself in a wealth of knowledge, you expand your horizons, discover new perspectives, and maintain a growth-oriented mindset. Others distill years of wisdom into books, podcast episodes, and interview. Learning is not just about gathering information; it’s about adopting fresh insights that can influence or accelerate your journey.

Rewiring Your Beliefs

Affirmations are like declarations of intent that reshape your beliefs. Craft positive statements that counteract self-doubt or limiting beliefs. Repeat these affirmations daily until they become second nature. Over time, you’ll witness your thoughts aligning with these affirmations, which will lead to shifts in your actions, behaviors, and outcomes.

Cultivating a growth mindset is one key to achieving your dreams and breaking through obstacles. Incorporate these five growth mindset practices into your daily routine to empower yourself and elevate your life to new heights.

Remember, the goal isn’t just to check off another task on your to-do list, but to infuse your life with intention, purpose, and the energy needed to overcome challenges and embrace success. Your journey is uniquely yours, and these practices will guide you toward unlocking your full potential. So, start today, and watch as your mindset transforms your reality!

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