How to Boost Your Confidence Trying Something New

If you have something you’ve been wanting to try or begin—a course, a book, a podcast, a business, a relationship—but you’re afraid of what will happen… listen to this episode for one of my all-time favorite mantras. This simple line has given me confidence when going on dates, trying new things, and putting myself out there. It will help you remove the pressure and timeline, and return to your trust and confidence!

Listen to Episode 131 on The Bright Life Podcast: It’s Either a Good Time or a Good Story.

131. It's Either a Good Time or a Good Story Bright Life Podcast

A Mantra to Feel Braver Trying Something New

Repeat after me: “It’s either a good time or a good story.”

This has become one of the favorite mantras of my life.

Back in my twenties, before I had met my husband, I found that it helped me to feel less anxious about going on dates, whether they were matches or not. I would think to myself, “It’s either a good date or a good story.” I knew that, if the date was a terrible experience, it was a good story that I could laugh about later with my girlfriends. I figured I would be grateful I had gone on the date regardless, because it would be a story to look back on when I was no longer in that season.

I began to apply this to all facets of my life…

Nervous about traveling solo?

Taking a cooking class?

Giving a speech?

I reasoned that, as long as I could have an experience to add to my memory book, it would be worthwhile either way. This mantra has helped ease my fears and take more chances. And, in doing so, create a life of all kinds of experiences—good ones, bad ones, but stories that I’m grateful for either way.

I hope it helps you do the same. 💛

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