Bet on Yourself

If you have a big decision coming up and you’re not 100% sure which move to make… listen to this episode for a reframe on how to take a calculated risk, bet on yourself, and trust yourself to handle whatever comes.

Listen to Episode 132 of the Bright Life Podcast: Bet on Yourself.

132. Bet on Yourself Bright Life Podcast

The Illusion of 100% Certainty

Today’s episode is all about that familiar feeling we all have when we’re faced with big decisions: the need for 100% certainty. We often seek that elusive sense of absolute correctness before taking a leap of faith. But how often do we truly feel 100% sure about something, especially when it’s uncharted territory or feels dauntingly enormous?

I first heard this reframe from a friend of mine in life and business, Anna Rapp, someone I admire deeply for her heart-centered approach to entrepreneurship. She said that when she quit her job to build her business, she was only 80% sure it was the right decision. However, in hindsight, it turned out to be 110% the right move. The same goes for buying her house: 80% sure, 110% right decision.

80% Confidence, 110% Hindsight

I love that perspective because she reminds us that it’s okay to take a calculated risk and bet on yourself, even if you’re at 80% certainty. You don’t need to wait for that elusive 100%.

I would agree with her sentiment. When I left the corporate world to start my own business, I felt a clear yes in my gut, but fear clouded it. I was scared of what people would think and whether I could replace my corporate income. I had no one to guide me; I had to trust my instincts, my 80%.

The same happened when my husband and I embarked on a journey of working and living abroad. We had a strong feeling it was right, but we’d never done it before. There was uncertainty, but we took the leap anyway. We had 80% willingness to take the leap, and it was 110% the right decision.

So today, I want to expand on to Anna’s beautiful advice and share some tangible steps that might help you make YOUR big decision, even if it feels uncertain and a tad scary.

Does the Decision Bring You Closer to Your Dream?

One crucial factor in making such decisions is asking yourself whether they bring you CLOSER to the life you desire or keep you stuck in the same place. Even if you’re nervous about taking action, if staying put isn’t getting you where you want to be, then it’s worth it to make a move.

Imagine you have a dream—starting a business, taking a course, hiring a mentor—but you’re unsure if you can pull it off. However, you know that staying in your current situation won’t lead to your desired life. Taking a step in the direction your heart tugs at, even if it’s just a baby step, will move you closer to your dreams. A step doesn’t have to get you the WHOLE way there… but even one step is an IMPROVEMENT from where you are now.

Think of it this way: staying put won’t get you any closer to the life you want. So, even if you’re nervous about taking action, at least it offers the possibility of change. You can trust that you’ll learn and adjust along the way.

Can You Handle It Even if It’s the Wrong Choice?

Another essential consideration is whether you can handle it if you end up making the wrong decision. Most times, the answer is yes. It might be scary, require some cleanup, or set you back a bit, but you’ll recover. Even making the wrong choice will bring you back to where you are now… so that’s worst-case scenario! And you’re already handling HERE, right?

Trust yourself to make the right choice, even if it’s only 80% certain, because taking action is the only way to raise that certainty level. You can handle it if you make a mistake. What’s harder to handle is always wondering what if.

Take a calculated risk, bet on yourself, and trust that you’ll figure things out along the way. Whether it turns out to be the right decision or not, you’ll be one step closer to living the life you desire. Embrace the journey, and trust in yourself and your ability to make the right choice… with 80% instinct, 110% hindsight.

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