Can-Do Will-Do Attitude [Borrow This Hot Mindset Tip]

If you’ve ever experienced a goal that feels constantly out of reach, today I want to share a powerful reframe I recently heard from entrepreneur and motivational speaker Jesse Itzler. Jesse is famous for his mindset, harnessing it to compete in ultra long-distance races, live with a Navy Seal, and even be a father to four children! I hope this perspective changes everything for you, enabling you to get clear on your true focus and achieve your long-held dream. 💛

P.S. Prefer to listen? Check out Episode 137 of the Bright Life Podcast: Can or Will? based around this can-do will-do mindset shift.

137. Can or Will? Bright Life Podcast

Can You… or Will You?

In sharing this lesson, Jesse described how a business-person once stopped him mid-sentence as Jesse was describing all the potentials with his business. The person asked him, “Jesse, you CAN make this business a success… or you WILL make this business a success?”

Jesse thought for a moment, then said, “I WILL.” That seemingly small distinction changed everything. Try saying the following aloud yourself:

“I can lose 10 pounds,” versus, “I will lose 10 pounds.”

“I can start a business,” versus, “I will start a business.”

“I can invest in that program,” versus, “I will invest in the program.”

“I can marry that person,” versus, “I will marry that person.”

Can you sense the difference? CAN keeps things out there; WILL forces you to choose.

So can you… or will you? Here are a few reasons why choosing changes everything.

The “Can” Mentality: Keeping the Backburner

When we say, “I can do that,” it often keeps our goals at arm’s length. We remain in a space where the idea is on the table but doesn’t command our full attention. We might have the desire, but without the commitment, we don’t take the necessary steps to make it happen.

The “Will” Mindset: Making a Bold Commitment

Shifting from “can” to “will” is like flipping a switch in your brain. When you declare, “I will do this,” you’re making a promise to yourself. This commitment sparks a sense of urgency, pushing you to develop a concrete plan. It’s a call to action that forces you to think about how you’ll achieve your goal.

Applying the “Can or Will” Concept to Business

For those aspiring entrepreneurs or individuals looking to start a side hustle, the “can or will” concept is particularly relevant. If you’ve been saying, “I can start my business,” it’s time to upgrade to “I will start my business.” (Or at least mentally decide that’s it’s NOT as important to you.) This shift in mindset propels you into action and opens your mind to the steps needed for success. Setting a timeline becomes essential, ensuring you don’t merely leave your dreams in the realm of “can.”

Similarly, getting your first client can be daunting. Saying, “I can get a client,” might lead to inconsistent efforts. In contrast, when you decide, “I will get a client this month,” your entire approach changes. Your commitment drives you to consider innovative strategies and take consistent action, ultimately leading to your success.

Clarifying Your Can-Do Will-Do Attitude

Making the shift from “can” to “will” is a powerful step toward achieving your goals. It instills a sense of urgency, spurs creativity, and forces you to define the steps required for success. It’s time to commit, set timelines, and take action. By adopting this approach, you can unlock your full potential and make your dreams a reality.

Are you ready to make the shift from “can” to “will”? I encourage you to identify the areas of your life where this concept can be applied. Make the decision to transform your “can” into “will,” and watch as your life and business transforms with it.

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