What if Discomfort Becomes THE Thing that Makes You Leap to Something Better?

If there’s an area where you’re feeling discomfort, frustration, or heartache, I want to share something that has helped me in those seasons. With time and hindsight, I started to notice that all of my best chapters were born out of my questioning ones. For example…

Feeling unfulfilled in my career, frustrated by the office politics, and wanting a way out of the 9 to 5 grind led to me starting my own business. I only became BRAVE enough to do so because of how much I wanted a way out of the corporate rat race.

Having no idea what my passion was, and being a little jealous of those who did, taught me how to find my passion. (And in so much detail that I could eventually write a book on it). But I never would’ve had the idea for my first book had I not gone through the years of struggling to figure out HOW to find one’s passion to begin with.

Heartbreaks led me to new cities. But I only went because I so deeply needed to believe in a new future. Had the heartbreak been any less, I may have never ventured from home at all.

So if there’s anything that you’re facing, I’m truly not saying this to minimize the discomfort (because I know some things will NEVER feel explainable) but to offer hope. 🫶

💛 What you’re learning now may be what you help others with one day…

💛 What you’re running up against will become the wisdom you gain…

💛 What you’re hating most may be *the* thing that finally makes you uncomfortable to take a risk on something better.

Listen to Episode 138 of the Bright Life Podcast for more peace, acceptance, and hope.

138. What if Discomfort Becomes THE Thing that Makes You Leap to Something Better? Bright Life Podcast

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