DECIDING: The Hidden Gift of Knowing What You Want

Last week, we explored the process of DREAMING and knowing what you want out of life. This week, let’s talk about the next step: DECIDING.

I dive deeper into how to gain clarity and DECIDE which dream to go after in my book Your Bright Life: Get Clear on What You Want, Overcome Self-Doubt, and Bring Your Dreams to Life.

But if you’re one of those people who is already gifted with a dream—yet finds herself struggling to take action—today I want to offer you a perspective to help you get out of your head and into action, moving toward your dream. 💥

P.S. Prefer to listen? Check out Episode 118 of the Bright Life Podcast: DECIDING: The Hidden Gift of Knowing What You Want.

Why Knowing What You Want Is a Gift

Think about it this way. Have you ever considered what a GIFT it is knowing what you want? Not everyone has an idea or anything close! I definitely spent a period in my twenties with no idea what I wanted to do, despite having hustled hard to find the right major and career track.

If you know, on some level, what you want—but you’re struggling to take action—shift your perspective. Having clarity and passion is a blessing that not everyone has right now. Instead of feeling overwhelmed or indecisive, embrace this clarity and know that if you have the awareness, it’s your time to make it happen. Then…

Break Your Dream into Smaller Steps

If you find yourself unsure of the first step, ask yourself, “What is ONE STEP I can take to move towards the life I want?” Often, stagnation and discomfort arise when you’re overwhelmed by ALL options. So remove the excess, and focus on one action, knowing it’s the right step for right now. By getting clear on one specific action you can take, you can break free from indecision and start moving towards your dream.

Consider What You Need to Feel Safe Taking Action

To take action towards your dream, consider what you need to feel safe doing so. It’s a natural response from your nervous system to feel anxious about trying something new, but that doesn’t mean you have to let fear stop you. What would make you feel safer moving forward?

Perhaps you require more information, could hire a coach or mentor, or could sign up for a course to walk you through each step in order. Recognize that stepping outside your comfort zone can be scary, but it’s the only way to create the life of your dreams. And, support is always available. 💛

Reward Yourself for Taking Action

Lastly, once you take action, reward yourself for taking the first step. Never underestimate the power of a small treat in reaffirming that this is a POSITIVE step in your life! Even a fancy iced coffee, laugh with girlfriends, or cute workout top has worked wonders for my willingness to take those first scary steps! If nothing else, you receive the reward of following through and starting to see positive changes in your life.

I hope this helps you to see what a GIFT it is knowing what you want, to take that leap of faith, and to step into the next-level version of yourself. Your journey towards a bright and fulfilling life begins with a single decision. Trust yourself and take action today!

Ready for Your Biggest, Brightest Life?

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