EMBODYING: Who Is Next-Level You? What Is She Like?

Picture your dream, then picture the YOU who already has it. Who is she? What is she like? What are her thoughts, habits, boundaries, and priorities… and how do they differ from yours today?

This article will help you clarify what next-level you is like and how to become her. Because often, when we achieve a goal, it’s not the outcome we love most—but who we become along the way.

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3 Steps to Begin Embodying Future You

1. Envision Your Next-Level Self

Take a moment to choose an area of your life where you have a specific goal or dream. It could be related to your career, health, relationships, or any other aspect of life.

Now, imagine the version of yourself who has already achieved that dream. The successful business owner, the healthy and fit individual, the loving partner, or the accomplished artist. Journal about this next-level version of yourself. What are her:

  • Habits
  • Boundaries
  • Priorities
  • Relationships
  • Thoughts

In other words, in detail, who is she? What does she value? Get acquainted with who she is to unearth a roadmap for becoming the person you want to be, in the life you want to live.

2. Embrace the Gap

As you delve into the vision of your next-level self, you may notice differences between your current self and your future self. Instead of feeling frustrated, view this gap as THE opportunity for self-discovery and development. THIS is exactly the time and place where you will uncover and heal old wounds, patterns, and limiting beliefs.

This gap is like your cocoon. 🦋 Recognize that you may have some distance to cover before fully embodying future-you, so get cozy and settle into it. There is no rush; this IS the transformation you’re after. This is where the magic happens.

It’s almost never comfortable, but it IS rewarding. A dream-come-true isn’t rewarding because of what you get, but who you become. Use the insights you gain from journaling to start embodying your next-level self in small steps each day.

3. Reverse-Engineer Your Transformation

Ever since you started working towards your dream, what changes have you noticed in yourself? Use this prompt to identify the positive shifts that have occurred since you first took action.

For example, you may notice increased confidence, better decision-making, or improved habits. Reverse-engineer your transformation by connecting the actions you’ve taken to the positive changes you’ve experienced. This exercise will reinforce the belief that you are on the right path and motivate you to continue your growth journey.

You’re changing in little ways each day. Give yourself credit, and notice the difference in who you were a month or a year ago. Now forecast that out to the future and get excited about what’s to come!

Remember that the transformation is a gradual process, and each step you take brings you closer to your dreams. When you embody the woman you aspire to be, the success and fulfillment you desire will naturally follow because your thoughts, habits, and actions align with that woman and lifestyle.

Isn’t it interesting that you already know who is she is? She’s inside you. And every day you have an opportunity to get closer to her until you look in the mirror and recognize the new reflection. 💛

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