How to Gain Clarity on Your Best Next Step

If you get overwhelmed thinking about all the tasks involved in bringing a new dream to life—or feel paralyzed even imagining where to begin—listen to this episode (or read the post below) to gain clarity on your best next step and take action today.

No matter what your dream is—whether it’s to start a business, write a book, or build a side hustle—there can be so many steps at the outset that it feels overwhelming, and sometimes even paralytic. Not to worry, though; I’ve been there, and in the following blog post, I’ll share three steps to help you break through inaction, get clear on your next step, and feel a fire to go after it today.

3 Reminders to Gain Clarity

1. You Will Never See the Whole Path

When I was in corporate America dreaming of starting a business, I had so much fear around doing so that I craved seeing the entire path ahead of me. When would I book full with clients? How much would I be making? Where would my office be? What about my niche?

All of these are FINE questions, but sometimes, staying in planning mode prevents you from action-taking mode, where it matters most. The truth is, you simply can’t know what will work for you until you get in the game. That’s where you’ll discover what kinds of clients you ACTUALLY like working with, what prices you’re ACTUALLY comfortable charging (and people are comfortable paying), what kind of niche you ACTUALLY like, and so on.

You can plan all you want, but business will come down to taking the step in front of you, getting more information about what’s working or not, and then iterating from there. 

2. What Is the Step You Can See Now?

With that in mind, what step comes to mind when I ask you? Is there a domain name you need to buy, an email you need to send, or an announcement you need to make? You don’t have to see the whole path—only a step or two in front of you—and take action on those. 

As another example, I am currently writing my first-ever (!) book. Even in the middle of this process, with my first draft completely done, even now I can only see the next few steps. When I started the process, I knew my steps were to 1) sign up for an online course that could help me get a sense of what was ahead, 2) come up with an idea for the book, 3) write one chapter at a time, 4) eventually finish the book.

Once that happened, I realized that my next best steps would probably be 1) researching a few editors, 2) contacting them to check on pricing and process, 3) choosing one to try out a chapter with, 4) proceeding if we were a fit.

That’s where we’re at. I still can’t see the ENTIRE pathway. But I can see the next few steps in front of me, and step by step, it will be enough to get there. It will be for you, too.

3. What Is the Opportunity Cost of Not Taking That Step?

Listen, I know that whatever step you’re thinking of right now probably scares you a little. Otherwise, you would’ve taken it. So I’m going to give you a little fire that you can use to gain clarity and take action whenever you’re feeling stuck.

There is always a cost to doing something new—an investment in money, time, or energy. A risk of the unknown. Wondering what people will think or how it will work out.

But there is also a cost to NOT doing something today. To waiting another year or two, waiting for the step to get less scary, when it really never does.

What is it costing you timewise to NOT take action today? To wait another year when you could be one year further along in a year’s time,  to have someone else potentially do it first, or to have something up that robs you of this chance forever? 

What is costing you in money or resources to not take action today? What is the cost of trial and error if there is a smaller upfront investment? What is the cost of staying where you are when you could be making hundreds or thousands if you get started sooner?

What is it costing you in your health, relationships, confidence, stress, or sleep to NOT take action today? To keep waiting. To have nothing change for another month, year, or decade. Because nothing changes until you do something different.

Hopefully, this offers you some clarity around whether the cost of taking action now is TRULY more expensive than the cost of waiting, letting the opportunity slip by, or staying where you are.

If you’re here reading this, I am already so proud of you. You are doing something many people are never even brave enough to try, which is putting a dream into the world. 💛

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