3 Favorite Manifestation Methods

While every dream takes action, there is also a sizable emotional, mental, and energetic aspect of bringing a dream to life. I think of manifestation like co-creating with life. You set your intention, make it clear what you desire, do your part, and invite life to meet you halfway. When I do, I almost always encounter unexpected conversations, opportunities, or solutions when manifesting a big dream… so I think that’s life’s way of giving a wink and and co-creating with me. In this blog post and podcast episode, I share three of my favorite manifestation methods!

3 Must-Try Manifestation Methods

1. Feel Your Dream as if It’s Here Now

Imagine whatever it is you want to create in your life. What would it feel like to be IN the experience?

When I was manifesting a job offer in New York City in my twenties, I used to literally fall asleep picturing the bustling Manhattan streets, walking up the stairs of my apartment with arms full of groceries, bundling up in scarves and fall coats to go outside… I could vividly feel how independent, fulfilled, and free I would feel.

I didn’t obsess about the outcome—how fast I was getting job offers, or whether or not I was any good at manifesting. I just fell in love with the feeling of being in New York City.

And within only a month or so, I received a job offer. And one month after that, I was living in New York City, and it felt exactly as I had imagined it.

It can be easy to get caught up in whether a manifestation is happening and how quickly things are falling into place. But that pulls you out of the feeling of whatever it is you’re trying to bring to life. So refocus your energy on staying in the feeling of your DREAM. Not your worries about whether it will come true, or how realistic it is (or isn’t), or how long it will take… but just in your dream. Savor the sweetness of it. Ironically, that’s often what brings it to you even faster.

2. Make Your Manifestation Playlist

Do you ever have a rough day, when just the right song comes on, and it completely lifts your mood? Try applying this trick with your manifestation methods. Curate a playlist of songs that put you in the feeling of your dream, and listen to it on repeat, as much as possible.

When I was manifesting New York City, I listened to songs constantly about breaking out of my surroundings, living fearlessly, and New York City itself. (Big thanks to Jay-Z and Alicia Keys. 😉) Those songs helped put me in a state of feeling my dream constantly.

If like attracts like, it was making me an ideal match for more of the same feelings. For living in the city. For receiving the job offer. And as I revealed above, it worked pretty dang quickly.

Take 10 minutes and put together a playlist of songs that genuinely make you feel good. Like your dream is coming to life. Like you’re bigger than you’re surroundings. Like it’s inevitable. And watch as your mood shifts, your energy life, and your life changes along with it.

3. Surround Yourself With Visual Reminders

Additionally, I’m a big believer in using as many visual cues as possible to remind you of your goal at hand. Consider shifting your passwords to things that resemble your dream, so every time you log in to your computer or inbox, you get a little reminder of what’s on its way to you.

Put photos in your home or office of what you’re trying to create. I hung black and white photos of Central Park across my studio apartment when I was calling in that dream, and every time I saw them, I felt a spark of excitement.

You can even make a vision board of images representing your dream. Go on Google and scan for pictures related to what you desire. Then format them on a page in PowerPoint, Google Slides, or Canva. I then download them as a photo to put on my computer or phone wallpaper. I love being able to work with glimmers of my dreams in front of me.

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